The Ultimate Collection Of WordPress Training Tutorial Videos


The Ultimate Collection Of WordPress Training Tutorial Videos

” Learn How To Create, Setup, and Design WordPress Websites “

By Using The Ultimate Collection of WordPress Training Tutorials

Act Now And Get Instant Access To This Ultimate Collection Of WordPress Tutorial Videos…

Get Instant Access To The Ultimate Collection Of WordPress Training Tutorial Videos…

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In this ultimate WordPress training video collection you will learn how to create WordPress websites from start to finish with ease while learning advanced WordPress secrets and shortcuts that web designers don’t want you to know.

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How To Buy a Domain Name for WordPress Websites
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How to Buy a Web Hosting Account for WordPress
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How To Install WordPress Automatically By Using cPanel
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How To Get a New WordPress Site Ready
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How To Upgrade Your WordPress Website Theme Design
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How To Use Social Bookmarking To Get Your WordPress Site Indexed Fast
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How To Use WordPress Widgets Effectively
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How To Create a Gallery with WordPress Media Manager
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The Video Modules You Will Instantly Have Access To Include The Following Videos and PDF Training Tutorials:

7 Jam Packed Training Modules In All

  • Module 1: Business & WordPress Basics
  • Module 2: Branding & Site Upgrades
  • Module 3: Website Conversions
  • Module 4: Traffic, SEO and Social Engagement
  • Module 5: List Building & Engagement
  • Module 6: More WordPress Basics & Customizations
  • Module 7: Organization, Tracking, SEO, and Navigation


Bullet PointMODULE 1: Basics and WordPress Basics

  • How to Buy a Domain Name
    • Stuck and don’t know which domain name you should use? In this video, you’ll learn creative ways to finding a domain name by using this specific tool; as well as how to go through the process of registering the domain.
  • How to Buy a Web Hosting Account
    • Don’t know which web hosting company to register with? While there’s no one size fits all solution, in this video you will be given several options
  • How to Connect your Domain to a Web Hosting Account
    • Connecting your domain name to your web hosting account maybe scary, but it really isn’t. In this video, you’ll learn how to connect a domain name to any web hosting simply by changing a few settings.
  • Installing WordPress Automatically Using cPanel
    • Did you know setting up WordPress can take less than a couple minutes if your web hosting company uses cPanel?
  • Installing WordPress Manually via FTP
    • Some web hosting companies use their own hosting panel that is not cPanel. For those of you who are in this situation, we’ve got you covered and will show you how to setup WordPress in less than a few minutes.
  • How to Change Permalinks Structure
    • Permalinks is just another fancy word for making your website URL’s pretty, which helps search engines know exactly what your site and its content is all about. In this video, you’ll learn how to do this quickly and easily.
  • How to Write Effective Blog Titles
    • Ever wanted to know why some titles convert and some fail? If the title does not grab your visitors right away, then they’ll simply walk away. In this video, you’ll learn how to write effective and high converting titles for your blogs, so you can capture more visitors to your content.
  • How to Create New Posts in WordPress
    • Creating WordPress posts is really easy. But in this video, you will learn not only how to create posts in WordPress, but how to create effective titles as well.
  • How to Create New Pages in WordPress
    • Creating WordPress pages is really easy. But in this video, you will learn not only how to create pages in WordPress, but how to create effective titles as well.
  • How to Upload and Format Images Using the Media Manager
    • WordPress’ Media Manager has gone from a simple library that holds images to a basic image editor. In this video, you’ll learn how to effectively upload and format images using this new technology.
  • How to Install Plugins
    • Plugins can turn your simple WordPress blog or site into a powerful machine. Fortunately there are thousands of WordPress plugins that can enable your site to fulfill many goals. In this video you’ll learn how to install plugins.
  • How to Install Themes
    • Changing the look and design of your WordPress site is as simply as installing and activating a theme. That’s one of the powerful features of WordPress. No more spending hours or days trying to change your design. Want to know how to do it?
  • How to Launch Your Site to Search Engines and Ping Settings
    • WordPress has a feature that allows you to allow or even disallow search engines from indexing your site. Also did you know that by pinging your content, this allows search engines like Google to be notified about your brand new content? This is great for ranking your website content higher in the search engines, and in this video you’ll learn how to do that.

Bullet PointModule 2: Branding Upgrades

  • Figuring out your Customer’s Demographics
    • Before your brand your company, you need to know who your customer is and their demographics. Without knowing this vital information, you are hitting and missing, and will ultimately waste a lot of time and money. In this video, you’ll learn how to use these two free sites to figure this information out so you can set yourself up for success.
  • Creating Memorable Slogans that Stick In Your Customer’s Minds
    • Have you ever wondered how big companies create memorable slogans that can help back up their brand name? Where do you start? In this video you’ll learn how to do just that.
  • Power of Colors – How to Use Colors to Sell Your Products and Services
    • Have you noticed how certain colors make you feel happy, excited, calm, angry, or even desperate? Companies use colors all the time to tap into your subconscious as a customer. Certain colors portray certain things, so you’ll want to ensure you pick the right colors. In this video, you’ll learn how.
  • Upgrade Your Logos :: Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos
    • Your logo brands who your company is and will stick in your customer’s minds. So you want to make sure you have the right logo. Now if you hire a logo designer from scratch, it can cost you a hundred to several hundred dollars to get it done right. In this video, you’ll learn how to create high quality logos for a shocking $10-20 or less.
  • Upgrade Your Fuzzy Graphics to a Vector
    • The problem that most people or companies face is their graphics when increased to a larger size lose their resolutions. This can be bad if you are trying to put your logos, or graphics onto print designs, t-shirts, billboards, or even websites. So how do you resolve this issue? Watch this video to learn how to get a professional to resolve this issue for you for less than $10.
  • How to Use Mascots to Brand Your Company
    • Why mascots? For the very same reason sports teams use mascots, it helps your fans remember your company better. In this video you’ll learn how to get your own mascot for your company to help with branding.
  • Upgrade Your WordPress Site’s Theme Design
    • Ever thought that maybe your site layout just doesn’t fit your company or industry; and thought perhaps it might be decreasing your conversions? In this video, you’ll learn how to use the WordPress platform to your advantage and how to ensure that your site’s theme can really sell your product or service.
  • Creating Simple Video Intros That Will Upgrade Your Video Branding
    • Ever wondered how big companies have those fancy video intros at the beginning of their videos and how you can do the same? In this video, you’ll learn how to create quality video intros even if you’re on a tight budget.
  • How to Position Your Brand As Trustworthy thru Educational Videos
    • You’ve seen how powerful educational videos can be in gaining your prospects trust. Our society has become very skeptical, so standing out from your competition and gaining trust is vital to your conversions. But how do you go about creating these educational videos? In this video, you’ll learn how plus a formula that you can use right away to increase conversions.
  • How to Boost Your Brand thru Facebook Posts
    • Ever thought “I don’t have time to use Facebook” but I know using it and social networking sites is a must if my company can survive. How do I utilize my time yet find ways to create Facebook Posts fact? In this video, you’ll learn a secret method that you may never have seen before on how to take what you already have without having to create new content to create hundreds of posts at a super fast rate.

Bullet PointModule 3: Conversions

  • How to turn your Website Prospects into Buyers
    • Ever wondered how to turn your website into an automated sales machine that just sells and converts prospects into buyers 24/7? While it sounds too good to be true, it really is now. It’s merely an understanding of how your prospects think, and why most websites fail. You’ll learn strategies that you can begin implementing today to increase your website conversions.
  • Increase Your Conversions By Appealing To These Three Groups
    • It’s quite obviously that not every has the same personality. So with that said, did you know that most websites only appeal to one group of people and thus lose out on conversions? By not knowing this information, you could be losing a lot of sales by not appealing to the other two groups, so you’ll learn how to combat that.
  • Time Tested WordPress Layouts for converting prospects into buyers
    • Ever wondered how a high converting layout should look like? In this video, you’ll be given a time tested WordPress layout that has worked very well and we’ll show you examples of how to go about creating this for yourself.
  • Must Have Content Pages to Convert Skeptical Fence Sitters
    • When your visitors come to your site, they may be interested in your product or service. However, many of them may not buy or take a specific action right away because they are skeptical or something within them is stopping them. In this video, you will learn 5 pieces of content that you must have on your website in order to get people off the fence.
  • Quote / Contact Forms :: Creating Call to Action Forms Inquiry or Quote Forms & Customization
    • Ever wanted to learn how to create contact, inquiry, or quote forms so that you could get people to fill them out and it be sent directly to you? In this video, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily create forms.
  • Quote / Contact Forms :: Adding to Sidebar / Secret Conversion Tactic
    • In this video, you will learn how to add the contact forms that you customized in the previous video and add them to either your sidebar or a post/page.
  • Banner Ads :: Part 1 – Call to Action Banner Ads For Less Than $10-15
    • Banner Ads can be effective if done right. In this video, you’re going to learn a specific strategy to creating super high quality banner ads that actually convert for less than $10-15.
  • Banner Ads :: Part 2 – Adding Your Banners To Your Sidebar / Widgets
    • Adding your banner ads to your sidebar or WordPress widgets is quite easy and that’s what you’ll learn in this video. You’ll also see how easy it is to make your banner ads clickable.
  • Simple Before and After Pictures To Convert Prospects
    • Before your prospects buy your product, they want to know if it’s going to work for them. Before and after pictures help show this and in this video you’ll learn how to make these work for you, so that you can convert your prospects easily.
  • Removing More Skepticism with Social Proof and Testimonials
    • Before your prospects buy your product, they want to know if it’s going to work for them. So in other words, they want to see some sort of social proof that it is working for other people as well. In this video, you’ll learn how to gather testimonials or social proof from your customers.

Bullet PointModule 4: Traffic / SEO / Social Engagement


  • Basic Keyword Research to Target the Right Customers
    • How do you know that you’re targeting the right customers? How do you know the keywords you are trying to rank on are the right ones? In this video you will learn how to figure that out so you can set yourself up for success.
  • Ways to Decrease Visitor Bounce Rates and Increase Social Engagement
    • High Bounce rates is a sign that the website is not of quality and in Google’s eyes isn’t a good sign. How do you combat this and lower your bounce rates and increase the length of your visitors stay time? In this video you’ll learn how to use to social engagement to resolve this issue.
  • Show Your Google+ Profile Picture on Google Search Results
    • Ever wonder how some site owners can show up in the Google search results with a picture of them or their company next to it? It definitely helps the listing stand out and that’s what you’ll learn how to do in this video.
  • Optimizing Your Images To Be Search Engine
    • We talk about optimizing your content to make sure that it is search engine friendly, but it goes further than that. What about the other parts of your site? Every little bit counts. In this video you’ll learn how to optimize your images as well as they are crucial to helping your ranking.
  • A Powerful Video Marketing Method That Drives Traffic to Your Site.
    • Ever wanted to learn how to drive traffic using videos? In this video you’ll learn a super powerful strategy that has worked for years and can help you drive traffic fast and rank on Google easily.
  • How to Index Your Website Content Fast Using Social Bookmarking Traffic
    • Getting indexed or added to Google’s search results can be fast and easy with social bookmarking sites. In this video you’ll learn how to use this specific strategy to boost your rankings.

Social Engagement

  • How to track your WordPress site’s Social Engagement Performance
    • As Google and other search engines move towards using social signals as a means to measure your site, you’ll want to make sure you are aware and on top of this. In this video you’ll learn how to do just that.
  • Creating Interesting and Educational Info Graphics
    • Info graphics are growing in terms of use. A lot of companies are beginning to use them as a way to express statistics or content. They can help spread the word about your company as they are not only eye catching but provide useful information. In this video you’ll learn how to access these for your advantage.
  • Creating Page Engagers to Increase Visitor Interaction and Conversions
    • Page Engagers are pages that allow a visitor to interact with your site before they hit your landing page. They can often increase your conversion rate dramatically because if done correctly – your visitor will feel like he or she has invested some time into your site.
  • Give People an Opportunity to Share Your Site Socially and “Easily”
    • If someone likes your Site Content, then do you have the capability to allow them to easily share it? In this video I’m going to show you how to use certain types of social sharing buttons to increase the sharing of your content to drive more traffic to your site.

Bullet PointModule 5: List Building & Engagement

  • Build an Email list and Different Ways To Doing So
    • If someone comes to your website and leaves, then how are you going to follow up with them? You see, if a visitor doesn’t really know you, it can take 7-12 times of contact before they actually take the action to buy from you. So that is why you must grab their email address. But that’s just one of the many examples why you must build a list.
  • How to Create Valuable Free Gifts Fast
    • One way to build a list is by giving people a free report, ebook, video, or something of value. Now I realize that you may be stuck and don’t know where to start. That’s why in this video, I’ll help show you how to create free gifts of value fast.
  • Part 1 – How to Build an Autoresponder and Get the Web Code
    • Now before you can build a list, you will need to have access to a software system that will enable you to gather emails of visitors and email them. This is what we call an Autoresponder. In this video, you’ll learn how to jump start your list building with an Autoresponder system and you’ll get the web code so you can add it onto your website.
  • Part 2 – How to Add Autoresponder From Onto the Sidebar or Page
    • After you’ve gotten your web code for the particular autoresponder list campaign that you created in the previous video, now you’ll learn how to add it to a WordPress sidebar and Page so your visitors can begin signing up onto your email list.
    • Creating Quick and Easy Squeeze Pages on your Site (squeeze ninja)
      • Squeeze pages are a fancy way of saying a landing page that gives someone something free and valuable in exchange for their email address. However squeeze pages generally contain a little more than just an email subscription box and you’ll learn more about that in this video.
  • Building a list by piggybacking on someone else’s launch or traffic
    • This is one list building strategy you’ll want to pay close attention to. Did you know that you can build a list off of someone else’s product launch or traffic; legally? This is not about scamming the seller or anything illegal, in fact when done right – the seller will be happy, their customers will be happy and so will you. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Writing an Autoresponder Email Series that Converts
    • Did you know that you can set the autoresponder to email someone on a daily basis or during a certain time frame that you choose? Everything is automated through the autoresponder – so you can focus on other parts of your business. Now, there’s one way to write autoresponder emails and ensure that they convert into certain actions you want your subscribers to take. Then there are emails that have the opposite effect. In this video, you’ll learn how this easy yet powerful strategy can help you increase conversions.
    • Creating Fans that buy from you instead of just subscribers
      • Before you ask your subscribers to buy, buy, and buy from you, you need to turn these subscribers into raving fans of yours. And it’s really not about giving them free stuff, but instead using this specific strategy we’ll go over.
  • Using Integration Marketing to a Build List
    • How would you like it if someone else built your list for you? Integration Marketing is powerful and consists of you giving a valuable offer to someone else’s list. It can be even more powerful by using the strategies discussed in this video.
    • Creating Exit Popups To Build List

When people leave your site, this is a great opportunity to offer them something valuable to sign up for your list. Sometimes they leave for certain reasons, but offering a freebie through an exit popup can generate a list of subscribers that you would not have been able to do so without this strategy.

Bullet PointModule 6: More WordPress Basics & Customization

  • Get a New WordPress Blog Ready
    • When you install a WordPress blog, it comes with a lot of stuff that you just don’t need. In this video, you will learn how to give your WordPress site a fresh new start so it doesn’t get cluttered in the future as you begin to build it up from the ground.
  • Control How Visitors Comment
    • Just like how your email box can get filled with unwanted SPAM, the same goes for your WordPress site’s comment area. Especially nowadays with a method of marketing called blog commenting, spammers will seek out unprotected blogs and use them as a means to get links back to their site. And with an advanced in software technology, there are automated systems looking for blogs like yours to spam. Protecting yourself in the beginning is the key to having a manageable blog without the worries of visitor comment spam.
  • Understanding Different User Permissions
    • Did you know that you can setup different users that can have different permissions to either submit content to your site, approve the content and much more? In other words you could hire contributors, editors, authors, and more to maintain your site. There are other users like subscribers and administrators that we will discuss as well.
  • Embed YouTube or Vimeo Videos
    • Ever wonder how to add videos to your WordPress site? Well in this video, we’ll cover you tube and Vimeo videos and show you how to embed them into your site with ease.
  • Creating a Gallery with Media Manager
    • Create a gallery is now easy with a new WordPress feature within its Media Manager. In this video, you’ll learn how easy it is to upload pictures and create a gallery within minutes.
  • Add HTML Code to the Editor Tab
    • Ever wondered where you need to enter your HTML code that you’ve gotten from another site onto your WordPress site? Where do you add it? You’ll learn how to do this in this specific video.
  • Use WordPress Widgets Effectively
    • Widgets are a powerful feature of WordPress and knowing how to use them properly is key to setting up an interactive site. And that’s what you’ll learn in this video.
  • Create Navigation Menus and Sort Them
    • In this video, you’ll learn how to create navigation menus and sort the menu order as to which comes first. Menus is a powerful feature of WordPress and easy to use with their simple drag and drop system.
  • Turn On Your Built In Theme Editor
    • Before you can edit any Theme files such as the header, footer, 404 pages, and more; you will need to turn on the Theme Editor. In this video you will learn how to change simple permissions to allow this to happen.
  • Remove “Powered By WordPress” and Customize Your Footer
    • When you install a WordPress site, you will notice that at the very bottom it says “Powered By WordPress” always. In this video, you will learn how to customized this blurb with your own company name.

Bullet PointModule 7: Organization, Tracking, SEO, and Navigation

  • Creating SEO Friendly Categories with LSI keywords
    • LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is a system used by Google and other search engines to figure out what your content is really about. By using LSI, you can get your site content ranked quite in the search engines. However it doesn’t have to stop there. In this video, you’ll learn how to apply this to your Categories as well using these strategies.
  • How to Cloak Ugly Long Affiliate Links On Your Site
    • When you add long URLs or affiliate URLs to your website, they tend to be long or ugly, making your site look unprofessional. This video shows you how to take things to a more professional level by creating pretty redirect urls.
  • Using “Related Posts” to Help Visitors Find Related Content
    • When you go to a website and enjoy the article you have just read, then you are more inclined to reading related articles. Same goes for your visitors and this can help increase the stick rate or length of time someone stays on your site. This video will show you how to setup your site up so your visitors can easily find related content with ease.
  • Effectively Use Authority Sites to Increase your SEO
    • When Google and other search engines look at your site, they want to know if your content is credible. Using this strategy is easy and takes only a few minutes of research, and will give your rank a small boost in your search engine rank.
  • RSS Part 1 – Finding Your RSS Feed Location
    • In this video, you will learn how to figure out what your RSS feed URL is, so that you can syndicate it with Feedburner in the next video.
  • RSS Part 2 –Syndicating Your RSS Feed with Feedburner
    • In this video, you will learn how to take the RSS Feed you found in the previous, and then syndicate it by submitting it to RSS Feed Directories to increase your exposure.
  • Creating Visitor Friendly Sitemaps For Easy Content Organization
    • Ever wonder how some companies are able to layout their whole site and it’s navigation from page to page? In this video, you’ll learn how to create visitors friendly sitemaps without having to do any coding.
  • Creating XML Sitemaps for better SEO
    • XML Sitemaps are read by humans, but rather by search engines and can help give you the boost you need simply because it shows Search Engines a map of what your site looks like as a whole.
  • Embedding Google Analytics Into Your Site
    • Tracking your statistics like where your traffic comes from, how long they stay, your bounce rate, and more is vital to improving your site. In this video, you will learn how to embed Google Analytics into your site with ease.
  • Installing and Using the All In One SEO Plugin
    • There are many different types of search engine optimization plugins out there for WordPress. In this video, we will focus specifically on one of them called the “All In One” SEO plugin. You’ll learn how to optimize your main pages and as well as your individual pages, so that they are search engine friendly.

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