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How To Boost Your Brand Thru Facebook Posts

How To Boost Your Brand Thru Facebook Posts


How To Boost Your Brand Thru Facebook Posts

In this specific video, I’m going to be talking about how to boost your brand through Facebook posts.

Now the way you promote and brand yourself on social media sites is not by saying, “hey by the way, this – or hey by the way, that” I mean nobody likes to be sold to. The key is to provide tips, advice, and something useful and fun people can use that relates to your products. If you do this, then your fans will share your page with their friends, and in reality they will promote you because you will have something of value to give them. Now I want to show you a specific strategy that you can use to rapidly create posts, especially if you don’t have a lot of time. Because I know a lot of people say, “I don’t have a lot of time to use Facebook, I don’t have a lot of time to just hang out on there and create posts I don’t know where to start,” and this and that.

Boost Your Brand Thru Facebook PostsI’m going to show you a specific method that you can use right away, starting today, where you can take the stuff that you already have, and just create posts like crazy. So posts are basically like tiny pieces of information that pack a powerful punch. So it could just be a one sentence, or two sentences, so here’s the thing, think about this. Take one article, one email that you’ve written to a client or an email that you’ve written to a business partner, or take a newsletter that you wrote and just look at it. If you look at it, you’re going to see many, many different points. And by points I mean different top ten ways to do this, or five things to avoid, or just little angles, little tidbits here and there.

Those little points could produce X amount of posts. The same goes with video – video, phone conversations, audio, podcasts, and things like that can produce X amount of points, and X amount of posts. So for example, one article could produce five to ten different posts. An email could produce five to ten, twenty different X amount of points and posts. The same with video, but the thing with video, and audio, and podcasts – because people talk faster, and usually within the amount of five minutes you’ve already produced yourself the same amount of content for an article. So if you have, let’s say conversation between your client or conversation between you and a business friend or business partner, then you could easily have that transcribed or just listen to it, and pick out a bunch of points that can produce posts.

So as you can see, this is very, very powerful, but if you take an article, email, newsletter, video, audio, podcast – you could ultimately create over a hundred posts within just that amount of information. And you can simply queue it up and have somebody post it you know, either every day, or every few days, or every week. You could also use images, put quotes or helpful tips on images and get them spread around Facebook by your fans through viral marketing. And I’m sure that you’ve seen this, especially if you hang out on Facebook, you’ve seen these images with these quotes on them, or these viral images and people just start liking them. And think about it, if you put it on your Facebook fan page and somebody likes it, and they share it on their page, then their friends begin to like it, and they begin to see who you are, your brand and so forth. And they want to know more information about who you are. And you can also have give-away contests for your fans who share your helpful tips, and that’s another great way to get them to spread your posts. So let me go ahead and show you an example. A live example where I take an article that I’ve never read before, and just create tons of ideas from it using this simple strategy.

So let’s go and do that now. Okay so I’m at right here, and I’m going to use this simple strategy that I just taught you to figure out as many points as possible by looking at an article that I’ve never looked at before. So one thing that I saw the other day was chicken coops, and I personally have no interest whatsoever in chicken coops. However, I’m going to show you this strategy so you can see that you can pretty much take this strategy and use it on anything.

So let’s say for example, chicken coops, let’s see, “how to build chicken coops” so we got videos here. You can have the transcriber just transcribe this, but we’re going to pick an article, let’s see, “how to build a chicken coop.” okay I’m going to take this, I’ve never looked at this article before, and let’s see here…”how to build chicken coops, raising chickens is a simple hobby that provides eggs like all animals, chicken requires suitable housing.” Okay, so that could be like a point. Chickens require suitable housing, and then point them to this article or something.

“You don’t need complicated plans, as long as the chicken basic needs are met.” I mean there you go, that could be like a post right there. #1 – put the coop in a high spot, you want to make sure that the…like right there, that could be a post, that could be a post, that could be a post, that could be posts. In this article you’ve got about 13 posts or more.

See how it easy is to create a post? Even with videos, I want to show you something cool. If I click on this video for example, YouTube has what we call transcripts, what they do is they, for every single video, they create a transcript. Now, some people turn these off, but most people don’t. So, how to build a chicken coop.

If we click on, let’s see here, transcripts, how they build a chicken coop. okay so, look at this, I mean look at how much content there is for this specific video. And let’s say for example that you have an audio conversation that you’re going to record with your friends so that you can create as much posts as you can within an hour. What you can do is simply cut that up into nine minute or ten minute, I forgot you tubes limit but, I think it’s nine, ten minutes. But you can split it up into ten minutes each, upload it to YouTube and just have them create a transcript for you. Or just have somebody else at or another site like, you can find people to do transcribing and just transcribe a specific video.

But I find this way it’s just easier, just to look at their transcripts and as you can see, how to build a chicken coop. a chicken coop provides shelter for chickens. The coop comfortably fits…okay so, so if you can find cool tips out of this video. I mean, think about that, you can just create posts, and posts, and posts, over and over again. So that’s how you do video. Like I said, you could do audio, simply upload it to YouTube or get somebody else to transcribe it. Articles, emails, newsletters – the same thing.

Now let’s pick something else, like let’s say “how to knit a quilt.” I have no such interest in any of these, but I want to show you how simple it is to just use this strategy on just about anything you can, to create really cool, valuable Facebook posts that actually add value.

So let’s see here….knitting a quilt, that can be a post, just that one sentence could be a post, and you can just turn a lot of these other little sentences into posts that you might find valuable, and tell somebody something that they just didn’t know beforehand. So now you know the strategy, you don’t have any excuses not to implement this because it’s so easy, as you can see here. so go ahead, use the strategy, create ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, 100, 200, 300 posts in advance, and then just hire somebody either to queue it all up or you can use software systems as well, to automatically post your Facebook post, and things like that. So there you go!

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How To Positioning Your Brand As Trustworthy thru Educational Videos

How To Positioning Your Brand As Trustworthy thru Educational Videos


How To Positioning Your Brand As Trustworthy thru Educational Videos

In this specific video, you’re going to learn how to position you brand as trustworthy, through educational videos.

Why educational videos? Well, most people, if you think about it, when they run a business or they sell a product, or sell a service, they want to sell, sell, and sell. And a lot of people, especially like, car sales men, and this is not to generalize but, a lot of car sales men and a lot of specific industry sales people, like to sell, sell, sell, and hard sell. And people just hate it. And while it can work in specific situations, if you sell, sell, sell, that’s what you’re going to brand yourself or your company as. So you want to wait to position yourself as trustworthy, as helpful, and things like that. So educational videos on the other hand, sticks in your customers minds. And when I say educational, I mean something that’s actually helpful. And it sticks in their mind because you’re different. It simply gains their trust, and helps you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

If people can learn just one or two, or three tips per video, then you’ve really stood out. So what I want to do now is I want to show you a formula for creating these Learn To Position Your Brand As Trustworthy thru Educational Videostypes of videos. What you can do in each specific video, is use this video formula to quickly and easily create a video. So first thing’s first, what you want to do is find just one tip that could really help your customers. Now in this specific video, start building a connection by describing the problem that they’re facing. In other words, relate to them, say you know “I understand you have this problem or you’re facing this issue, and I’ve been there and done that, but I found a solution,” blah, blah, blah. And then, your solution, break it up into parts and for each part, basically focus on describing in a little more detail, the why’s, the who, what, when, the where’s, and so forth. And talk about the tips or show how to resolve this in a step-by-step sequence.

Now there’s several different ways of creating videos, but the way I create videos is a step-by-step sequence simply because people want to know okay, Step 1 – what do I do; Step 2 – after I do this, how do I go about doing that, and things like that. And it’s just easier you know, to create. Now if you can use a screen capture video or an iPhone, that’s fine. Depending on what your company is, what your service is, what kind of video you are creating, because there’s so many different variables here, and variations of videos. So I can’t necessarily give you one specific formula that’s going to work for everything, but if you figure out what kind of video is it, is it something where I can show somebody using my computer? And if that’s the case, what kind of software should I use? Or is it something that I can just speak on through an iPhone and show them how to do a certain thing? Is that possible?

Now there’s several ways to go about doing this, and as long as you understand that first you start with the problem, you relate to them, you provide the solution, and you provide the call to action. And the call to action can be something like, “oh check out my site if you want more details, or you want more, you know, information on such and such.

So if you do a google search for Camtasia Studio, you’ll find this site, but basically this video recording software that I’m using right now. And as you can see, it’s very easy to use, and it can basically record anything that you see on the screen. Whether it’s power point, whether it’s internet browser, anything on your computer, so your educational video can be a power point slide or something that’s related to this, then this is a great software.

Now this is obviously, I believe it’s $300, last time I checked or paid for it. And so it is a bit pricy, only use this if you are going to, in the long run, do a lot of screen capture videos. Now if you do a few here and there, then I’d recommend a software called Jing, which is offered by the same people that create Camtasia. And Jing is a very similar product, very, very, easy to use as well and basically not as feature-riched as Camtasia, but does the job. Now if you’re showing a “how to” step-by-step video that requires you to either, you know, show live pictures of – okay Step 1 – walk to the fridge, Step 2 – look in the fridge, and stuff like that. Step 3 – grab this product or something, Step 4 – open it up, and this and that. So I’m just giving you an example of step-by-step type thing that you can use Animoto for. Now Animoto is really easy, and I want to show you really quickly how to create something really cool, but let’s say I choose Animoto Original, and if you play it, it’ll give you a preview of what it looks like.

So we’ve got pictures, and then you can add text and things like that, but if I click on Create Video here. Okay so let’s say for example that I want to make a quick video as a realtor, to show people how to sell a house and some specific strategies that somebody can use to sell a house. So what I want to do here is go to Animoto Dashboard here and you can change the style, change the music, you can add pics and videos – but the videos can only be, I believe it’s only six seconds long, so you could do video clips if you wanted to. But if you add pics, and you click on Upload Pictures and Video, let’s say for example that I just pick and choose a few of these pictures. Let’s say, okay it’s a house so I’m going to pick this one, this one, this one, let’s see, this one, and maybe this one and this one. And just click on Open, and what it’s going to do is basically upload all of the pictures and/or video clips that you have. And as you can see, it’s really, really fast, and obviously you probably could do a better job when you actually look at it, but just for the sake of doing it really quickly. Let’s say for example, you’re a busy person and you have a house, you know, you don’t know how to sell the house, so what you can do is look at the market you know, blah, blah, blah – or go to your computer, look at the market, and then do this and that and get your house sold.

So you could say Add Text, and say – so I could say something that says “in a buyer’s market, one out 300 people actually sell their house in a year.” And just keep in mind that I’m just making this up as I go, this is not really factual at all or anything like that, and click on that text again. And I could say, “Learn One Strategy to Sell Your House Within Less Than Two Months, Even if You’re a Busy Person,” click  on Save, so kind of, okay this guy is a busy person, and then maybe I could put this here. And then I could say, okay “Go online to, (which is like a site for real estate), and put your house on the site, and do the following…” So that’s to go online – that’s computer, and then you could say, “analyze these specific housing market variables,” and then just say blah, blah, blah, blah-blah, blah, blah. And then “our customers have been able to sell their houses within an average of two months max.” and then we’ve got this here, and here, and here; so obviously the meat of this educational video would be in here – wherein we talk about “analyze the specific variables” and actually dong a specific thing. But as you can see, I’ve made a quick and easy, quick tutorial with Animoto, and the beauty of it all is, all I have to do is click Save; click on Preview Video; and I’m going to play the video! It says, “in a buyer’s market, 1 out of 300 people actually sell their house in less than a year.”

So we got to have a picture of a house, and as you can see it looks really professional. And this is where the tip comes, “go online to and put your house on the site, and do the following.” So this is kind of in the middle where you start giving people that solution. So we got the problem and solution, and of course the call to action. So that’s pretty much it, and when you want to produce it, click on Produce, and within minutes Animoto usually produces the video, and you’ve got a quick and easy, educational video. And I already did this in less than probably, three or four minutes, or five minutes, and that’s it!

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How To Create Simple Video Intros

How To Create Simple Video Intros


How To Create Simple Video Intros

In this specific video, we’re going to be talking about creating simple video intros that will upgrade your video branding.

Have you ever noticed how some companies have these professional videos; at the very beginning like…these introduction clips showing that their logo or a catchy blurb? Well these are really great for branding, and they can really help your videos stand out. And I’m going to show you how you can make them.

This is the secret ingredients, basically your intro video has to be anywhere from 10-15 seconds max, don’t go beyond this point, it can do less, but normally 10-15 seconds is a good range for your logo to come in and disappear, or your logo can come in and then your slogan, and then they both leave. In order to do this, you’re going to need to have an audio soundtrack. Audio Juggle is a great site, I’m going to show you all this in just a few seconds. Graphics, you’re going to need some graphics. So is good. Aftereffects video clips, is good, and then of course when you’re done, make sure that you have them rendered as an “.mp4” file for best quality. And of course, we’re going to get somebody else to do this for us. So let me show you how to do it quickly and easily.

Now before we actually talk about getting the graphics, getting the video aftereffects files, and so forth; let’s hop on over to and the reason why, is because we want to do a search for people who can create video intros for us, because we’re not actually going to do this because it’s very, very time consuming to actually do. So you want to make sure that you get somebody else to do it for around $5-$10 so it’s not too expensive, and you can get a really professional intro video. so go to Fiverr, type in “video intro” click on rating so that we make sure that the best of the best is at the top; and it says here “I will create a professional looking design video” okay, we wanted “intro” we don’t really want a video video. So we got this here “I will speed paint your logo” huh, that’s interesting.

Create Simple Video IntrosProfessional intro or opener video…so sometimes people use jargon, we could say something like “opener video” let’s see here “I will create a professional particle logo of revealer opener video” okay so let’s say we’ll start from that point, “I’ll make a clean, corporate, elegant intro video for you.” so if you click this link here, just take a look at what it looks like. Okay so that’s fairly simple and simple is good and powerful. As long as it shows the logo, comes in and leaves, and/but it stays enough that people can actually see it. okay, so “I will make an introduction video” okay so 1288 positive reviews, no negative reviews, that’s good, one day, okay that’s really good I like that. “I will speed paint your logo with three to four colors.” Now that’s, that’s really neat here too. Wow, so if you want something like that, you could do something, depending on your – the feel of your niche. Like if your niche is very corporate, you probably don’t want to go with something like this, plus you got to wait 13 days, which, I don’t want to wait 13 days, so I’m going to close this out. So just keep that in mind. You’re introduction has to be done in a way that actually appeals to your audience. We’ve got this one here, which is actually quite professional, that’s pretty neat…and then we’ve have this person here, so that’s three days, this is 24 hours, and it says one day. And just basically go through all of these and see which ones you like.

So let’s say for example, that I like this person and this person. This person does it in 24 hours…now one thing you do have to make sure though, about or any other site, is – these people will say that they have variety or access to certain video intros and things like that. But some of these video intros were actually created by other people, and if they just grab it from somewhere and don’t actually have the royalty rights to do so, then you could actually get in trouble. So that’s just something to keep in mind, in terms of legality. So one thing you can do is contact these people and say, “hey you knew Aftereffects, or do you know how to do Aftereffects?” and go to a place like, which is what I talked about earlier – is simply go through here and look for intros. So if you go here, and you click on “openers” this is really, really neat. But if you click on “sales” and see which ones people buy…let’s see, so you could do this for example. And just, you could actually view the video preview and see what it looks like. So it’s kind of an opener here, but I’m going to close this down. But in order to use it, you have to pay $35 and so forth. So some of these openers are $35 some of them are like, $5 and $10 and so forth, as you can see here.

And then keep in mind that you do need to get an audio file from Audio Jungle, and it starts from a dollar, but a lot of these are about, I’d say, anywhere good from $8 to $14. So I mean, it could add up if you choose to go this route, but if you want to keep it simple, you could just get somebody like this to, just them your logo and have them do it. And you can do without the soundtrack, but if it was me, I would go with the soundtrack simply because it looks more professional, and just go down that route.

Now is a great place to get graphics, and if you don’t have a logo, you can also get a pre-made logo here if you don’t want to get logos created. But also, graphics compliment the logo, so you can get a graphic that compliments your logo, and not too expensive either. Now, so it’s up to you what you want to do. Like I said, you want to keep it simple. You can always just use this, give this person a logo and just be done with it, or you could go all out, get yourself some stock audio files, stock footage and so forth. But make sure you first go to; find the person that you want; communicate with them; and then, and only then, start gathering, you know, graphics and audio files and so forth, in the end. Because the biggest mistake that you could make is, get all of that stuff and not find somebody who can actually make you an intro video. And that’s it! As you can see, start with the basics, it’s only $5 and you get a pretty professional intro video that you can add to the beginning of all your videos.

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How to Use Mascots to Brand Your Company

How to Use Mascots to Brand Your Company


How to Use Mascots to Brand Your Company

In this specific video, we’re going to be talking about how to use mascots to brand your company.

Sports teams use mascots, and many other types of companies use mascots, and you can too to help your fans associate your business to that specific mascot, and get them excited about your company.

Now obviously your logo can be the main representation of your business, but if you want to add some more power, use mascots to teach your videos, introduce your product lines and so forth. That can actually be very helpful to your branding.

So I’m going to show you how to find a mascot for your company. So let’s go ahead and do this. Now before I show you where to go to get really amazing mascots for your company, I want to give youUse Mascots to Brand Your Company an example of mascots not to use. Now if you go to, as you can see in my internet browser here, type in “cartoon mascots” and you’ll see what I mean. Now you have to be very particular about what kind of mascot is going to brand your company. Obviously you don’t want to pick something that is cheesy. Now this might be okay, but this here may be a little outdated in terms of the design and everything. And as you can see, like this is a little more updated, but depending on who your audience is, your audience may look at a puppy, and think, you know “this is really cheesy, I’m going to leave.” So you need to be aware that your mascot could express something like, this looks like a tough shark, and this would probably be more appealing to men versus women. Now, you have to know your demographics in order to really tackle this. So I wanted to give you this example so that you could see what to avoid doing.

Now there’s a particular site that I prefer and that I’d recommend that you go to called, and this place has some amazing mascots! And not only that, it gives you the ability to change the mascots all around. So if I type here “mascot” as you can see here, you have access to many different mascots here. And depending on your business, and depending on what you are trying to brand; and trying to achieve; you want to pick the right mascot.

Now you want to have access to several mascots that are doing several things, because when you’re introducing your products, you’re trying to teach certain things. You don’t want to have a picture of a guy that that’s just standing there. You want to bring life to your company. Like as you can see here, we got six different positions that this particular mascot is moving, and things like that. And then as you can see here, this gives you an idea, “okay, I can have thumbs up; I can have this guy; maybe pointing at a video; or this guy’s holding up a sign, so that gives me an avenue to use him if I want to put the product in here” and so forth. So the more the merrier in terms of mascots actually doing something, and having different poses. And like this mascot, as you can see here, you got the ability to create your own personal mascot, and that’s what I like about; is because you have a lot of these mascots where if you have Adobe Photoshop, you can simply change these layers. These are little layers, like you could simply have this guy having a laptop here, and if you use Adobe Photoshop, you can see that you can change the color, you can add objects. So you can find a different object and have him holding your product as the object or the icon. So you get the idea here that if you choose a mascot, make sure that you have the ability to customize the colors and add this and that, and have them in different poses. And has a ton, ton of mascots as you can see here. And that’s it! So make sure that you use the stuff that I taught you in this specific video to find a good mascot that can really brand your company and really take you to the next level.

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How To Upgrade Your Fuzzy Graphics To Vector

How To Upgrade Your Fuzzy Graphics To Vector


How To Upgrade Your Fuzzy Graphics To Vector

In this specific video, I’m going to show you how to upgrade your fuzzy logo graphics to a vector. Now if you don’t know what a fuzzy logo is, a fuzzy logo are logos that lose their quality when expanded.

So let’s say for example you have a certain size logo, and you want to use that logo on your T-shirts, but when you resize it, the quality is lost and it’s basically fuzzy. And many of you will encounter this problem, and the solution is really to get a graphic artist to redesign your logo in Adobe Illustrator, and turn it into what we call a vector. A vector can be expanded so large that it could reach a billboard size, and not really ever lose its quality because it’s redesigned by a graphic artist in Adobe Illustrator as a vector.

So how do you go about doing this? Is it expensive? How much does it cost? And it’s really not expensive at all, I can show you how to get somebody to do it for, anywhere for five to ten dollars.  So as you can imagine, a vector is basically a high resolution image that you can expand on and place on billboards, bugger banners, bigger point designs, tee shirts, cards and more. Let me give you an example of a fuzzy logo, and I’m going to show you in just a few minutes, how you can go about getting somebody to redesign your fuzzy logo. So this is an example of logo that we took from a client. And as you can see, when it’s expanded, just in the power point slide itself, it’s really fuzzy. So what we did was, we basically had somebody vectorize the logo, or turn the logo into a vector. And as you can see, it looks pretty much the same thing, so a graphic designer basically traces so that, and redesigned it in Illustrator so it looks clear. And you might say, well how do I know this is really working, because this is just a power point slide? Well this is the example, notice that when I expand it further, it’s still very, very clear, and I could expand it further and further, and further, and it would still be clear.

Upgrade Your Fuzzy Graphics To VectorSo let me show you how you can go about doing this so you can take your fuzzy logo, or any fuzzy graphic that you have, and have a graphic artist redesign it. So what you need to do is open your internet browser and hop on over to a site called, as you can see here. is a place where you can hire people to do a lot of different services, and a lot of different things like graphic design, logo design, and so forth, and so forth. Now, we’re talking particularly about vectors, so if you type in something like “image to vector” and do a search on it. And then click on rating so that you make sure that the highest rated people are at the top, and go down from that point. And you’re particularly looking for somebody who is going to turn your existing graphic into a vector. Since we’re not getting as much results, we can go up here and type “to convert to vector” – it says “I will design a vector logo or redraw and convert.” Okay, so this is what we’re looking for, “I will convert your logo or image to a vector.” Okay that’s what we’re looking for. “I will vectorize or redraw, trace converts into a vector.” And I’m going down here, and I ‘m opening a bunch of these because what I’m going to do next is simply look at all of these to see which one’s the best. “I will design a vector logo with a Adobe Photoshop,” okay good, “I will convert within 24 hours.” And anytime you see “express” that means 24 hours. Okay so I’m going to look at all of these, so we got three days, 100%; three days, 98%; and I’m going through here right now just looking at the ratings and how fast they can do it. Two days, 100%; three days, 100%; 24 hours, 100% so that’s actually more appealing to me, so what does this guy do? It says “I will convert your logo and drawings, into vector graphics”, no negative reviews, 29 positive reviews, okay good. So as you can see here, this is a good example of a vector, a vector when you maximize the size, it’s still clear. If it’s a regular image, you resize it, it can get fuzzy. “I will convert your logo.” So we narrow it down to, we got three days, three days, two days, and 24 hours. The one thing I will do is, it looks like everybody is really, really good so what I would do normally is this. Create an account, contact the seller, and contact at least three sellers, see who responds the fastest, and say “this is my graphic.” And send them the graphic, and say “hey this is my graphic, do you think you can do this fairly quickly and easily?” and see who responds the fastest and the quickest, and go with them. Because you’ll notice that some of these people, may be in a different country, and that’s fine if that’s the quality that they give you, because they have to give it within two days regardless. But the reason why I say who responds the fastest, is – that’s a good measure of who actually is a good seller. Because if they respond faster, they actually care about, you know, helping you and so forth.

So that’s how to convert a logo into a vector, and getting somebody else to do it. Just make sure that you contact them ahead of time, to make sure that they can.

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Upgrade Your Logos – Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos

Upgrade Your Logos – Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos


Upgrade Your Logos – Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos

In this specific video, I’m going to show you how to get your logo created if you don’t have one, or if you have one, and you want to redesign it and upgrade it.

I’m also going to show you how to go about doing that as well. And I’m also going to show you how to get it cheap, yet retain the quality of your logo, and when I say cheap, I’m not talking about 100-200 dollars. I’m talking about anywhere from $5-$25 for a super high quality logo.

Okay Step 1 – go to and type in your niche or your topic, and then logo. So let’s say for example, in this example, I am a company that deals with accounting. So, “accounting logo,” so type that in, click on Images, and just see, kind of glimpse of all the logos that deal with accounting. And you don’t have to really look at every single one of these, but what I want you to do is just scan through it, and kind of see what they look like, give you some ideas here. And as you’re going through it, just pick out stuff that you really, really like that stands out to you. And also get a glimpse of the colors that are being used, like I see a lot of greens and a lot of dark blues. And let’s say that I like this one, I’m going to open that in a new tab, maybe this one, and I like the arrows. It kind of emphasizes some sort of numbers that are moving up. Okay so now that I’ve gotten my three that I know that I like, I got this one, this one, and this one. And this one’s using blue, this one’s using orange and black, and this one is using green and grey.

Now let’s talk about the color meanings, you’ll notice that I’ve been looking for certain colors in a specific niche. Colors mean a lot, and colors can really express a lot about your brand, because if somebody looks at a specific color, they’re going to suddenly feel a certain thing. So if we go back here to google, and we type in “logo color meanings” and if you click on this here. This gives you an idea of what the colors actually mean. So we see a lot of blues, a lot of oranges, and a lot of greens. Blues’ corporate; high tech; let’s see here we got oranges which youthful; dynamic; creative; enthusiastic; and educational green and so forth.

So you want to figure out, okay there’s three different logos that you like; the colors that you want to use. And then once you have those in hand, then what you need to do is you need to find a graphic designer. I recommend, so simply go to, okay so now that we’re at – in the search box here, simply type in “logo.” Click on Rating here so that way we have the best rated at the very top, and I want to simply just look at these like, if I like the logos that are created, I’m going to open this up. Now you got to read it because not all of these are logos. So “logo concepts” let’s see…and some people don’t actually create the logos from scratch. They use graphics from sites, so you want to make sure that you check with the graphic designer whether they create it from scratch or not. You want somebody who can actually design a logo from scratch. And what I want you to do is open at least six to ten different sellers, because we’re going to go through them and figure out which is the best person.

Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos - Upgrade Your LogosOkay so, taking a look at this person’s designs, not too bad, 14 days – I’m not going to wait that long so I’m going to close that out. This says five days here, that’s a lot better, and 100% gig rating, that’s really good. And another way to tell if the graphic designer is actually doing what they’re saying, is if you look at all of their design and see some sort of similarity…like this person does a really, really good job in fact. But you can see the logos look very similar to each other, and it’s five days, so I’m going to leave this as is, no negative reviews, that’s good. This person, 25 days – no I’m not going to wait that long, two days – these logos are okay, not too, not too up to date. It’s okay to be picky, because you have to be picky. Because you’re creating a logo that’s going to brand you for the life of your company. Okay so I’ve narrowed it down to two people. this person, and….I guess, okay this is the only persons’ that left, okay, and he’s really good, he or she is really good. Five days – “I will design five professional logo concepts” wow okay. So this person will design five different concepts, meaning five different types of logos for your specific company. So then you can choose from five different designs, and make sure you read this description here, “100% refund if not satisfied” that’s good, wow, so this person pretty much has 100% ratings, five days, and so forth. And really, really good designs. So with, if you don’t have an account, go ahead and create an account.

They only accept paypal, but as you can see, it’s only $5.00 so create an account, order it, it’s only $5.00 and sometimes they’ll options, but this person doesn’t have any options. And looks like really good reviews, so what you need to do is basically order from this seller or any other seller that you choose. And basically, make sure that if you are creating a brand new logo, then say “hey I like this logo, I like this logo, and I like this logo.” And the way you get access to these images, is if you click “Full Size Image” here, you simply just copy this URL into your Fiverr account. So that way when you’re communicating with a graphic designer, you can tell them, “hey I like these three logos, and I like this design, and I want these specific colors.” You can give them a better idea of what you’re looking for, and that’s the thing with graphic designers, is they’re very creative minded. So while you need to give them freedom to do what they can do, give them flexibility to be creative, you still want to give them some guidelines. The worst thing that you can do is say, “hey create me a logo.” And just don’t really give them an idea. So you want to give them some sort of framework to go by, and give them some freedom as well, and you’re probably going to get a good logo.

Now if they don’t make the perfect logo, you can always ask them to redo it or tweak it, you know, here and there, but five bucks is really not bad at all. And it’s worth the wait, five days. Or another thing you can do is, if you’re in your rush, what I normally do is I email them and I say, “hey, I need this within two days. I can’t wait five days. If I pay you two gigs…” if I buy two gigs which is basically ten dollars, “or three gigs, can you do it in two days?” so that’s it, and if you’re redesigning your logo, basically same thing applies. Give them your logo, but give them also the three different logos that you like and say, “here’s my logo, I want to transform this logo into something that looks similar to these logos over here.” and that’s it!

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The Power Of Colors – How To Use Colors To Sell

The Power Of Colors – How To Use Colors To Sell




The Power Of Colors – How To Use Colors To Sell

In this specific video, we’re going to be talking about the power of colors.

How to use colors to sell your products and your services. Did you know that colors can create many different environments, and make people feel a sense of peace, calm, urgency, and more. If you think about it, the way you react to colors, you’ve might’ve gone to an environment and thought “wow, I feel really at peace.” And then you’ve gone to a website or video and they’re using, let’s say for example, orange or red, and you feel this sense of urgency. Well, that’s a powerful method by using colors to tap into the subconscious mind. So I want to show you how to use colors properly.

And the colors that you use, will brand what you are trying to express inside your logo, on your website, on your videos, and the media that you use. So you want to make sure that you use the right colors for your graphics and your website, and so forth. So what do the colors mean? Let me show you how you can figure this out, so you can find the right colors for you and your business.

Okay so what I want you to do is hop on over to, and at this point, search “logo color meanings” and click on Images. And click on this first one here. And if you click on Full Size, thenHow To Use Colors To Sell - The Power Of Colors you’re going to be able to see the image itself. Now as you can see here, it says “blue” we’ve got Color Column, Qualities that you want to promote, Professions Best Suited To. So it even tells you, okay, blue is good for corporate; high tech; medical; government; and legal. And you’ll notice that with a lot of government sites, you’ll notice that there’s’ dark blue as the color. A lot of times you’ll see dark blue and white, or dark blue and orange, depending on the specific profession or business. And as you can see here, blue also expresses professional; trustworthy; calming; clean; and decisive. And what I like about this specific map, is it gives you company examples. Like Bank of America and so forth. Black is strength; power; professionalism; accuracy; corporate environment; financial; and so forth, and so forth. And red tends to be like, exciting; urgent; and so forth, and so forth.

So for example we have Arby’s, and for those of you who don’t know what Arby’s is, it’s basically a, kind of a fast food place that sells roast beef sandwiches. So if I go to google and I type in “Arby’s” and I click on Images, you can see here that they, they’re logo is just purely red, and it gives you that sense of urgency, or hungry, or something. So I like to use this map just because it’s just easier. That way you don’t have to do a lot of thinking, and you can figure out what niche you’re in, what business sector you’re in. then you want to figure out, “okay, what do I want to portray as my product or service, really exciting, is it useful, is it traditional, is it idea, creativity driven,” and so forth, and so forth. So I would look at this specific map as you can see here, and you can also go to other sites as well. And just make sure that the source that you’re reading from is actually a legitimate source, and that the color meanings that they’re describing actually have to do with what we’re talking about.

So you can see black, white, red, and so forth, and so forth, and so forth. So if you know your demographics and who you’re dealing with, or who your buyers look like, then it’s a lot easier to know and have an idea of what kind of colors you should go for. And that’s it! So make sure that you take this information that I just taught you, and figure out the colors that you want to use and take some action.

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How to Create Memorable Slogans that Stick

How to Create Memorable Slogans that Stick


How to Create Memorable Slogans that Stick

In this specific video, we’re going to be talking about how you can create memorable slogans for your company that sticks in your customer’s minds.

So obviously you want to make it memorable, but how do you make it memorable?  Well, what are the primary benefits, what I want you to do is just, right now think about this or take a pen and a paper, or pencil and paper out. And just think, what are your primary benefits?  Think about two to three of the primary benefits of your company, and just jot them down.  Another thing you can also do is just differentiate your brand in comparison with your competitors, but before you can do this, obviously you need to know who your competitors are and how they’re branding themselves.  What slogans that they’re using and how do you differ from them. And relate that to the benefit somehow. You could do something that’s related to customer satisfaction like, customer support or something like that, something that’s great.  And solidify the brand by re-emphasizing the name in your logo.

You can also do stuff like rhyme and jingles, and one thing you can do – these are just, just ideas that you can use,  but you could take any of these and combine them to create more power in your branding for your slogan.  So you can have the primary benefit, you could have as the, kind of USP and when I say USP I mean “unique selling proposition” what differentiates you from your competitors.

So let me show you how to go about doing this, give you examples of companies and their slogans, and how they could be standing out compared to their competitors. And how you can figure out what your competitors are doing and things like that.  And I’ll show you how to do a rhyme and jingle as well.  Okay so right now I’m at here, and I’m going to show you some examples of some memorable slogans.

So I was at Subway today, and they have a slogan that says “eat fresh” – now Subway, they’re angle is all about sub sandwiches and so forth. So, “eat fresh” obviously emphasizes to people that they’re foods are fresh. And that’s what people want to know, they want to know “is this food fresh?” you know they, they want to know, “does it taste good?” stuff like that, or Nike for example. Nike is “just do it.” it’s just a simple, easy slogan that doesn’t necessarily describe the benefits of the product itself, but it describes more of an action.  Another example is Arby’s, and Arby’s slogan is “Slicing up freshness.” So you kind of get an idea here, how important the slogan is, to basically backup the actual brand name. So think about a slogan as a way to backup the brand name.

Create Memorable Slogans that StickCreate Memorable Slogans that Stick.  Now let’s talk about how you can do some research on your competitors, and how to figure out their company brand, their slogans and things like that.  One specific tool that I like to use is, and another one is called SpyFu, which is very similar to  Now both of these tools give you the ability to do research on your competitors.  Now you can figure out what competitors are using in terms of keywords, but we’re primarily interested in who are our competitors. So let’s say for example that I type in “Arby’s” so as you can see here, this is Arby’s and we can see the ads they’re using, the competitors that they have. So if you click on Competitors, these are their competitors.  So you’ve got Wendy’s which is another competitor, what I like to do is simply just go to these websites and I’ll highlight this. Search Google for Wendy’s…and look at their slogan.  Okay so if I go to Google, type in Wendy’s slogan, you can see that it says, the slogan is “it’s way better than fast food.” So when somebody eats fast food, they probably feel horrible afterwards, so if you emphasize “hey, while this is fast food, it’s better than fast food.” And that’s definitely a catchy slogan, and can appeal to certain people.  So is a great place to find your competitors, as well as as well.  So simply, basically figure out the domain of your competitors, type this in, and start going back to Google, type in the company name + slogan so you can kind of get an idea of what you’re up against.  If you can do at least research on maybe about, ten to fifteen competitors, and just see what’s in common in terms of all these different companies and their slogans. It gives you a better idea of your market and creating a slogan for yourself.

Now let’s talk about rhyme and jingles. Let’s say you were to take these words like, “slicing up freshness” or things like that, and creating a rhyme and jingle.  There’s a specific site that I like to use, it’s called and all you have to do is basically enter a word, and it’ll give you words that rhyme with that word. So you could say something like, “fresh” and then click search, and it gives you a list of all the words that rhyme with “fresh.” And that’s a really easy way to create rhymes and jingles, is simply by using this specific site.

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How to Figure Out Your Customers Demographics

How to Figure Out Your Customers Demographics

How to Figure Out Your Customers Demographics

In this specific video, we’re going to be talking about figuring out your customer’s demographics.

Knowing your customer’s demographics is very, very important to your company, to your branding, and to your conversions.   Let’s say for example that your demographics, or a majority of buyers, are female, college level education, and about 35 years old.  But without knowing, you start trying to appeal to everybody, and what happens is this; let’s say that you begin to create videos, create websites, and your marketing starts to appeal more to men, oops!  That’s a ideal situation that a lot of people face. See the problem here? So without the information, you really can’t put a face to who your audience is, who your buyers are, and their gender, their age, the education level, the earning, the jobs that they might have, where they could be located, their likes, their dislikes, and so forth. So once you know the demographics, knowing this information will help you, and help you allow you to focus on the right audience that will increase your branding and conversions down the road.   So you’re really setting yourself up for success instead of jumping right in without doing the proper research and planning, and setting yourself up for failure.  So we want to make sure that you set yourself up for success.

Well let me talk about the steps to figuring this out, and then I’m going to show you exactly how to go about doing this.   First of all of course, you’re going to need to know your niche market, your target market, or your topic.   Then what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to and find similar competitor websites in your niche.   And then we’re going to go to sites like Quantcast, and then Quantcast is going to tell us the demographics. We’re going to use this information to create a demographic profile,  so let’s go ahead and get started.

So what I want you to do first is to hop on over to, as you can see here, and basically is a information company that gathers a ton of information, How to Figure Out Your Customers Demographicsespecially about traffic in relation to how much traffic a site could be getting, and so forth.   And our goal here is to figure out who our competitors are in a specific niche. So in this example,  I am going to say that I am promoting a product that is related to tennis.   So all you have to do is go to the home page and search for your specific niche. And try to keep it as general as possible.  Now you want to skip these, because these are just google ads, and you want to go to where it starts with these links, like “,” and so forth.   And then what I want you to do is open a brand new tab up for   What I want you to look for are the longer blue bars, like and we’ve got,  so what I’m going to do here is basically copy this URL over here to, and click on search.   And then what you want to do is open a brand new tab for, and open the other sites up, so that’s atpworldtour, and I’ll do a search for   Now keep in mind that the reason why I say choose the ones with the longer bar, is because what I found was that, with Quantcast,  they don’t have every single website. So you might type a website in here, and not find any data whatsoever.   So that’s why I say,  find the most popular websites first.   Let’s see here, usopen for example, even though usopen is really huge,  I don’t know if Quantcast would actually have it, yeah, as you can see here,  Quantcast doesn’t actually have it.

Now when you’re looking at the demographics under Quantcast, what I want you to do is you want to figure out a pattern.   Like there must be some sort of similarity between and,  and as we can see it’s a majority male, majority 25-34 years old or 35-44,  has kids or has no kids – and then,  people earning $100,000 to $150,000 or more, and grad school, and college.   So we got that,  and then Asian seems to be a big majority of this specific website.   So if we go to, which is probably a site where people actually go to and purchase tennis material.   We see that,  okay it’s male and 25-34 seems to be the thing, and then we got $150,000;  $100,000-$150,000 at least grad school and Asian.   So basically, what I’m getting at is this,  and what I would recommend you do is open up wordpad or notepad,  and create some sort of customer demographic profile. So in this case, we’re going to say male,  looks like – no, no, no 24 to 34 and 35 to 44, seems to be the majority.   Has no kids, has kids, pretty much equivalent, and about 100 to 150k plus, grad school, and Asian seems to be the highest.   Now obviously what I would do,  is I would go further and I would find more websites that are related to tennis,  and I would actually use Quantcast and keep searching. I’d still find about,  probably about five or so websites,  and if I see that the pattern still points to all of these here, then this is going to be my demographic profile.

And you could also give them a name,  you could say something like “Bob” or something, that way you think, “okay this is Bob” or he’s a male, he’s 24-34,  he’s – could have kids, he might not have kids, 100-150 thousand or more, grad school, and Asian.   So that gives you an idea of who your demographics are, you can do more research on that demographic to see possible likes, possible dislikes, some sort of commonalities and things like that.   Then and only then, should you begin to begin to start branding, and figuring out how can you appeal to this specific group.   And that’s how to figure out your demographics and the majority of buyers in your specific niche, using two simple tools, and they’re free too!   So make sure you use this information, take some action and get the demographics of your buyers.

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How To Upgrade Your WordPress Website Theme Design

How To Upgrade Your WordPress Website Theme Design

In this specific video, I’m going to show you how to upgrade your WordPress sites’ theme design.

And the reason why this can really be helpful to your branding is simply because if your WordPress site isn’t really up to date, it doesn’t really look that great, and so forth.  And your customers come to your site, then especially the people who are creative and opportunists, and people who look at your site design, and it’s not as appealing, they’re simply going to leave your site.  So you want to make sure that you appeal in terms of the WordPress site theme design, but it’s really not a complicated process.  You can easily upgrade your theme design very, very easily.  And I want to show you how you can do that. How To Upgrade Your WordPress Website Theme Design

Okay so right now I’m at google here, and while you could go to the WordPress’ themes site where they have a lot of free themes, I actually want to recommend that you do that.  Now it’s a good place to start out, but I would actually recommend that you look for what we call “premium WordPress themes.”  And if you’re willing to pay anywhere from, you know $20, $30, $40, $50 bucks; you can get a really, really nice WordPress theme design upgrade.  But you really don’t have to if you’re low on cash, that’s fine.  And if you’re limited on cash, and you’re just starting out, then I want to show you how you can find some premium WordPress themes.

Now it really depends on your company.  Like, what are you trying to portray?  What are you trying to communicate with your fans?  For example, if you’re a site that’s selling software, then it’s probably best to find a theme specifically for selling software or a product, or things like that. But let’s say for example, that you’re a photographer and you want to display all of your photographs or your videos, or anything like that.  Or you’re a site that displays many different products or portfolio type WordPress themes and so forth. So I want you to get in the mindset of thinking “what kind of WordPress theme do I need?”

So let’s say for example that I have a bunch of products that I want to display, and I need some sort of WordPress theme that can display my portfolio.  So what I recommend that you do is you do premium WordPress theme, plus portfolio; and as you can see it says “85 excellent WordPress portfolio themes.”  And what I would normally do is, if you are on a budget, you can always type in “free premium WordPress theme portfolio.”  So you can look for a free ones first because you look for the pay ones, and see what’s available. So out of these three sites here, we can look through here and just look around for stuff that would be able to display our portfolio.

And believe it or not, a lot of these are actually free.  So for example, this one would display photography.  So if you were a photographer, this would be a WordPress theme that you would want to go after.  And you don’t want to go and just get anything, because you want to get it specific to your company because that’s exactly what your customers are going to be expecting.  If they’re looking for a photography or photographer, or videographer and so forth, then they’re going to be looking for a massive amount of pictures.  And they want to look through all your pictures, and see how good you are.  Or you’re selling 20-30 products.  They want to see exactly what your products are all about, each and every one of them.  Or if your site is just, let’s say typical consultant company.  Then they would probably want to have a good looking WordPress theme that you have some sort of blog that you have news, you have tips, and stuff like that.

So use this specific strategy and angle to make sure that you have the correct angle.  Now there is another site called ThemeForest, and if you click on here, it says “ThemeForest” and you can find a lot of really amazing WordPress themes.  And so for example, if I use the example earlier – portfolio, let’s see, portfolio WordPress, and what  I normally do – they rank it with relevance first, but you can rank it also with sales and rating, and so forth.

So I’m just going to open these up so you can see.  You can see how many sales there are, that also means how many possible websites there are.  So if you want to be really, really unique, and you see that, you may want to find something else.  So that means that there are 10,000 websites that are using this specific theme. So if, for example, you have a competitor and they’re using that WordPress theme, then you might want to figure out a way to actually tweak it


So I like ThemeForest because they have themes that are not just themes, but like stuff that you can actually change around, make it your own, stuff like that.  So for example, let’s say your theme is upgraded to this theme. You could change it to however you want to make it look like, as you can see here.

So even if your competitor were to have a theme like this, like this striking theme.  You could really customize it to make it your own. But like I said, search for free themes first if you’re on a budget, and then if you want to go all out and go fancy, then you could use a site called

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