How to Add HTML Code to the Editor Tab in WordPress

How to Add HTML Code to the Editor Tab in WordPress


How to Add HTML Code to the Editor Tab in WordPress

Hello! In this specific video, you’re going to learn how to add HTML code to the post or page editor tab. So let’s go ahead and get started!

Now whether you use HTML frequently, or if you’ve never used code in your life, this video can really help you in the future because eventually you’re probably going to encounter some sort of HTML code that you’ll have to enter into your WordPress post or page. So to help you understand how to do all of this, I’m going to suggest to you a free HTML editing tool. You don’t need to know any type of web coding or any technical skills to do this. All you have to do is simply download a free program and if you used Microsoft Word in the past, it’s as simple as using that word processing tool.

Learn How to Add HTML Code to the Editor Tab in WordPressSo I’m going to go over to here, and I want you to type in “Kompozer” and that’s the name of the software; and it’s “” and if you click on Downloads you’ll notice that it is compatible with Windows, Macs, and Linux. So it doesn’t matter what operating system you use, it is available to everyone. And that’s what I like about it, and not only that, it’s really, really easy to use. So go ahead, download it, and install it.

Now let’s go back to the WordPress Dashboard here, and we’re going to create a post. So I’m going to go under Posts, and click on Add New; I’m going to enter the Title; and you’ll notice that there are two tabs here. There’s a Visual tab, and there is a Text tab. The Text tab is where you’re going to enter your HTML code. Now the reason why I suggested the HTML Kompozer web editing tool, is if you ever want to use it to do anything quick and easy, you can actually do that.

So if I go ahead and open this up here, this is what Kompozer looks like. And let’s say we do something really simple and easy; and we want to format it, and this and that. So I’m going to enter a quick article here. Okay so for the headline I put “How Would You Like to Edit HTML Pages Without Having to Know a Single Line of Code? In This Article I’m Going to Show You Just That!”

So let’s say for example that I’m going to bold this; I’m going to italicize it; I’m going to underline it; and I am going to change the color to, let’s say red. And let’s say here I’m going to change the color of this to something like blue. Now in a typical article you may not necessarily want to do this because it does not necessarily look really professional, but I wanted to show you this as an example. So if you click on Source, we’re basically looking at the HTML code here. So in this example, what you would do is – anything in the body, from the body tag to this tag, you just copy this information and simply paste it here, and click on Publish; and if we click on Visual, we would be able to actually see it. So it’s actually just a very, very fast way to format your text really, really fast. But you’d simply enter the HTML code in here, and we can view it after we have updated it. So click on View Post, and there we go!

So to me, that’s just a faster way of formatting my text and doing that versus – going here; using the Editor, and you can use the Editor that’s fine, but I wanted to show you this simply because if you had other information like other HTML code, then simp0ly enter it under Text tab, and you’re pretty much good to go. And I wanted to show you the other stuff simply because if you ever wanted to do that, that is an option for you.

Now before I end this video, I do want to say that anytime you get some sort of HTML code from a site or anything like that; and they ask you to add the HTML code to a post or page, or anything like that; all you have to do is click on Text; enter the HTML code here simply as I showed you just now, and that’s it! And don’t forget to click on Update, and you’re good to go!

Learn How to Add HTML Code to the Editor Tab in WordPress

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