How To Boost Your Brand Thru Facebook Posts

How To Boost Your Brand Thru Facebook Posts


How To Boost Your Brand Thru Facebook Posts

In this specific video, I’m going to be talking about how to boost your brand through Facebook posts.

Now the way you promote and brand yourself on social media sites is not by saying, “hey by the way, this – or hey by the way, that” I mean nobody likes to be sold to. The key is to provide tips, advice, and something useful and fun people can use that relates to your products. If you do this, then your fans will share your page with their friends, and in reality they will promote you because you will have something of value to give them. Now I want to show you a specific strategy that you can use to rapidly create posts, especially if you don’t have a lot of time. Because I know a lot of people say, “I don’t have a lot of time to use Facebook, I don’t have a lot of time to just hang out on there and create posts I don’t know where to start,” and this and that.

Boost Your Brand Thru Facebook PostsI’m going to show you a specific method that you can use right away, starting today, where you can take the stuff that you already have, and just create posts like crazy. So posts are basically like tiny pieces of information that pack a powerful punch. So it could just be a one sentence, or two sentences, so here’s the thing, think about this. Take one article, one email that you’ve written to a client or an email that you’ve written to a business partner, or take a newsletter that you wrote and just look at it. If you look at it, you’re going to see many, many different points. And by points I mean different top ten ways to do this, or five things to avoid, or just little angles, little tidbits here and there.

Those little points could produce X amount of posts. The same goes with video – video, phone conversations, audio, podcasts, and things like that can produce X amount of points, and X amount of posts. So for example, one article could produce five to ten different posts. An email could produce five to ten, twenty different X amount of points and posts. The same with video, but the thing with video, and audio, and podcasts – because people talk faster, and usually within the amount of five minutes you’ve already produced yourself the same amount of content for an article. So if you have, let’s say conversation between your client or conversation between you and a business friend or business partner, then you could easily have that transcribed or just listen to it, and pick out a bunch of points that can produce posts.

So as you can see, this is very, very powerful, but if you take an article, email, newsletter, video, audio, podcast – you could ultimately create over a hundred posts within just that amount of information. And you can simply queue it up and have somebody post it you know, either every day, or every few days, or every week. You could also use images, put quotes or helpful tips on images and get them spread around Facebook by your fans through viral marketing. And I’m sure that you’ve seen this, especially if you hang out on Facebook, you’ve seen these images with these quotes on them, or these viral images and people just start liking them. And think about it, if you put it on your Facebook fan page and somebody likes it, and they share it on their page, then their friends begin to like it, and they begin to see who you are, your brand and so forth. And they want to know more information about who you are. And you can also have give-away contests for your fans who share your helpful tips, and that’s another great way to get them to spread your posts. So let me go ahead and show you an example. A live example where I take an article that I’ve never read before, and just create tons of ideas from it using this simple strategy.

So let’s go and do that now. Okay so I’m at right here, and I’m going to use this simple strategy that I just taught you to figure out as many points as possible by looking at an article that I’ve never looked at before. So one thing that I saw the other day was chicken coops, and I personally have no interest whatsoever in chicken coops. However, I’m going to show you this strategy so you can see that you can pretty much take this strategy and use it on anything.

So let’s say for example, chicken coops, let’s see, “how to build chicken coops” so we got videos here. You can have the transcriber just transcribe this, but we’re going to pick an article, let’s see, “how to build a chicken coop.” okay I’m going to take this, I’ve never looked at this article before, and let’s see here…”how to build chicken coops, raising chickens is a simple hobby that provides eggs like all animals, chicken requires suitable housing.” Okay, so that could be like a point. Chickens require suitable housing, and then point them to this article or something.

“You don’t need complicated plans, as long as the chicken basic needs are met.” I mean there you go, that could be like a post right there. #1 – put the coop in a high spot, you want to make sure that the…like right there, that could be a post, that could be a post, that could be a post, that could be posts. In this article you’ve got about 13 posts or more.

See how it easy is to create a post? Even with videos, I want to show you something cool. If I click on this video for example, YouTube has what we call transcripts, what they do is they, for every single video, they create a transcript. Now, some people turn these off, but most people don’t. So, how to build a chicken coop.

If we click on, let’s see here, transcripts, how they build a chicken coop. okay so, look at this, I mean look at how much content there is for this specific video. And let’s say for example that you have an audio conversation that you’re going to record with your friends so that you can create as much posts as you can within an hour. What you can do is simply cut that up into nine minute or ten minute, I forgot you tubes limit but, I think it’s nine, ten minutes. But you can split it up into ten minutes each, upload it to YouTube and just have them create a transcript for you. Or just have somebody else at or another site like, you can find people to do transcribing and just transcribe a specific video.

But I find this way it’s just easier, just to look at their transcripts and as you can see, how to build a chicken coop. a chicken coop provides shelter for chickens. The coop comfortably fits…okay so, so if you can find cool tips out of this video. I mean, think about that, you can just create posts, and posts, and posts, over and over again. So that’s how you do video. Like I said, you could do audio, simply upload it to YouTube or get somebody else to transcribe it. Articles, emails, newsletters – the same thing.

Now let’s pick something else, like let’s say “how to knit a quilt.” I have no such interest in any of these, but I want to show you how simple it is to just use this strategy on just about anything you can, to create really cool, valuable Facebook posts that actually add value.

So let’s see here….knitting a quilt, that can be a post, just that one sentence could be a post, and you can just turn a lot of these other little sentences into posts that you might find valuable, and tell somebody something that they just didn’t know beforehand. So now you know the strategy, you don’t have any excuses not to implement this because it’s so easy, as you can see here. so go ahead, use the strategy, create ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, 100, 200, 300 posts in advance, and then just hire somebody either to queue it all up or you can use software systems as well, to automatically post your Facebook post, and things like that. So there you go!

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