How To Building a List by Piggybacking on Product Launches

How To Building a List by Piggybacking on Product Launches


How To Building a List by Piggybacking on Product Launches

In this specific video I’m going to show you how to build a list by piggybacking on somebody else’s launch or traffic. And this is a great method to generate commissions, and a nice customer base list, fast.

Now everything is perfectly legal here, and it’ll all make sense in just a minute.

Launch traffic – whenever somebody launches a product in any niche, they generally get a lot of people promoting for them called Affiliates. And affiliates are promoting these products that are being launched, and they basically get a commission. Now if they have an Affiliate Program, then you’ll want to become an affiliate of that product. Basically you’ll be promoting that product in exchange for a commission; however there is a method where you can actually gain not only a commission, but you can offer a bonus in exchange, if somebody buys through your affiliate link.

Now what I’m going to do is show you some methods that will separate you from everybody else. Now as all of these affiliates are trying to promote this product, I’m going to show you some methods that will allow you to stand out, and will allow you to get more people to buy through your affiliate link simply because of whatever bonus that you’re providing.

This is what I call the Double X Method, and it’s fairly simple. Basically the rule of thumb is this – whatever the product is worth, double what your bonus is worth. So if the product is worth $90.00, then you’ll want to create a bonus that is worth $200.00, this way if somebody buys the product through your link, they get double the value, and will likely get the product through your link. Now you need to make sure that the bonus that you’re offering is a bonus that is related to whatever product that is, or it compliments it. You can’t have a puppy training product, and offer a cat training bonus. If you do a puppy training product, you could offer a puppy training bonus that compliments that specific product. So you want to make sure that you’ve looked at the product carefully, and see what kind of products could possibly compliment it.

Now the Medium X Method – if the product is a report, offer a report bonus that is double its worth. If the product is a video, then offer double the value in videos, and use the same medium because people will expect that.

Learn How To Building a List by Piggybacking on Product LaunchesThis is what I call the Training X Method, products have loopholes and they need additional training and coaching. What you can do is you can simply review the product, and see what kind of loopholes or missing spots that it has. And simply create additional training after reviewing the product, and offer it as a bonus. And if you can apply the Training X Method with the Double X Method, and the Medium X Method, then you have a super winner.

Now let’s talk about putting yourself in front of the traffic, and building your list. You can do a quick video review of the actual product. Don’t be like everybody else, and don’t’ show the product sales page and that’s it. Do a review of the product, buy the product, and do a review on the product. Then after that, you can show your Double X + Medium X + Training X Methods, put them together and produce your bonus. Upload your video to YouTube, optimize your titles, your descriptions, and your tags.

And start by building links – backlinks and more, to that video using sites like, and this is a very, very powerful method that you can start using today to build your list. You can also make sure that in order for people to grab the bonus, they need to purchase through your link and email you. Now if the product is on JVZoo or ClickBank, you can use automated systems to deliver the bonus, otherwise this has to be done manually, and you’ll have to add people to your list manually. Regardless, this is worth it, and you are building a paid list of people who will buy over, and over again. And that’s the key here, it’s not about building freebie lists, it’s about building a paid list. So you can sell to them in the future, and you can grow your list, you can get more commissions, but this is a super, super fast way of driving traffic and building your list. I have yet to see anyone else teach it using the Double X Method and the Medium X Method, and they both work very, very well if you do it right. So take everything I taught you, and put it into action, and build your list!

Learn How To Building a List by Piggybacking on Product Launches

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