How to Buy a Web Hosting Account for a WordPress Website

How to Buy a Web Hosting Account for a WordPress Website

In this specific video, you’re going to learn how to buy webhosting. 

Now, this specific video is going to be split up into two different parts.

In the first part, I’m going to show you how to find webhosting to fulfill your needs.  Many of you might have different needs, you might have one site, you might have several sites, you might have a bigger company that you want to host, and so forth.  So I want to make sure that I cover all bases. And then I’m going to show you how to go through the process of purchasing it.

The first webhosting company that we would recommend is called and they have really good customer service, which is one of the main things that you need to look for in a webhosting company.  Now if you go under View Webhosting Plans, you can start out with the most basic plan if you’re looking to just host a single domain name. But if you want to add other domain names, other websites in the future, it might be smart to go with the Baby Plan.How to Buy a Web Hosting Account for a WordPress Website

Now I want to show you some other different ways to find cheap webhosting, and if you go to google, and you type in “webhosting talk forum” this is basically one of the main forums where webhosting companies hang out.  And what they do is they normally give you cheaper deals on webhosting.  So you can basically go to webhosting talk forum, type that in here, and as you can see here, we have shared hosting offers; webhosting offers, and so forth.

Now HostGator, I recommend you going with either the Hatchling Plan or the Baby Plan.  I do not recommend them if you go to, you know, dedicated servers and so forth.  So if you’re looking to host a very, very large website, you can actually save a lot of money by going to the webhosting talk forum.  You can find webhosting companies that will host your website for – anywhere from $10, $15-20 a year, so that can save you a lot of money.

And the next webhosting company that I would recommend would be and this is a great site if you’re looking to host an extremely large site, or a large amount of sites in the future.  So if you go to, and go under there Flex VPS, the Essential VPS is great if your site grows, and grows, and grows to the point you want a faster server.

Now the second part of this video, to register and to purchase a webhosting account, if you go under and you simply just click on Order Now.  It gives you the choice to register a new domain, or you currently have a domain name.  Now what I recommend that you do, is you purchase the domain name through; I would not recommend actually purchasing a domain name through simply because it’s more expensive.  And there’s a lot more freedom if you grab the domain name at, so what you can do is simply enter the domain name here; continue through to step number two; and purchase the webhosting account.

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