How To Create LSI Friendly Categories In WordPress

How To Create LSI Friendly Categories In WordPress


How To Create LSI Friendly Categories In WordPress

In this specific video, I’m going to show you how to create search engine friendly categories with LSI keywords.

Learn How To Create LSI Friendly Categories In WordPressNow if you don’t know you don’t know what LSI keywords are, LSI is just a fancy way of saying keywords that relate to each other. And when Google comes to your site, and let’s say for example that the keyword was “dog training” Google’s going to look for keywords that are related to dog training, like puppies, grooming, training 101, you know, stuff that relates to grooming and stuff like that. And I’ll show you in just a minute what I mean.

Now a lot of people use LSI in relation to creating good keyword related content, but you can use this strategy as well, all over your site. And especially the Categories because when Google comes to your site, they’ll look for content, but they’ll also look at how your categories, your other pieces of your site content relate to one another. So let’s go ahead and do that!

Now before I login to my WordPress Dashboard, if you go to as you can see here, do a search for LSI and it’s “latent semantic indexing” it’s a fancy term for related keywords. Now I love to use this tool simply because you can type the keyword here, let’s say dog training, and click Submit. Now what LSI keywords is going to do is it’s going to do some research, and this tool is free, so you don’t have to pay any money.

So you’re going to see some keywords on the left side, the middle, and the right side. These are single related keywords, two word phrases, and three word phrases. Now think about it, if Google comes to your site and your site is about dog training, they’re going to look for keywords like “dog obedience” “puppy training” “training videos” “technique’s dog” “dog house breaking.” What I primarily look at is the top three to five on each level. And this gives us an idea of possible categories that we can use. For example, dog training tips. I’m going to open up WordPad here so I can keep a record of the category keywords.

So we’ve got “dog training tips,” “dog obedience training,” and move over here to look at the two word phrases. We’ve got “dog training,” “obedience training,” let’s see “techniques’ training videos,” let’s see, “training techniques.” And as you copy down this, you want to have – okay what kind of content do I have right now? Or – if I don’t have the content now, how can I create the content quickly and easy? And another thing I want to mention is when you create your content, use the same method. Use the same method all throughout your site; because when Google comes to your site, they’re going to look at the content, they’re going to look at your tags, your keywords, your category keywords, and your title and everything. If everything surrounds this LSI system, you’re going to get better rankings on Google.

Okay so we’ve got “house training,” we’ve got “puppy training, “ we’ve got “potty training,” let’s see we’ve got “dog videos,” “obedience,” similar, okay so this can be good to go. Once you’re done with this and you have a certain amount of categories, we can move back to the WordPress Dashboard here and create our categories.

Now to create the categories, you will have to under Posts and click on Categories. Here you can simply enter the Add New Category area. So for example, we’re going to type in “dog training tips” I’m going to copy this over, the slug is basically a search engine or url friendly, so what you can do is just to put hyphens between the spaces. So “dog training tips,” put hyphens in here.

Now if your category has, let’s say, a parent category you can actually do this – so “dog training tips” might be a general parent category to let’s say for example, “training videos.” So if I create this category, click on Add New Category, and I create a category called “training videos” actually this doesn’t have that, the slug has the hyphen between it, “training videos.” I can choose the parent category to be “dog training tips.” Click on Add New Category, and as you can see, this is the actual sub-category of the parent category here. And we can go through here “training techniques,” “puppy training,” “house training,” and so forth.

So dog training tips, I could say “puppy training,” and I’m going to put that under this category because when Google comes to your site, they’re going to look at, okay dog training tips. And they’re going to see a sub-category, puppy training, training videos; you could even do puppy training videos, and put the slug here. And put that under puppy training, and as you can see, you’ve got a category, a sub-category, and sub-category of the sub-category. And that’s it! That’s how to create LSI search engine friendly keywords related categories. And whenever you put your content underneath, if it’s puppy training videos you can do the same thing. So if you’re going to put content under here, simply highlight the category, go back to, and get a list of keywords. And if you write your content around that LSI keywords you can get really, really good rankings because Google will see your site as a very closely related site. And that’s it!

Learn How To Create LSI Friendly Categories In WordPress

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