How to Create Navigation Menus and Sort Them In WordPress

How to Create Navigation Menus and Sort Them In WordPress


How to Create Navigation Menus and Sort Them In WordPress

Learn How to Create Navigation Menus and Sort Them In WordPressIn this specific video, you’re going to learn how to create navigation menus, and sort them.

So what you need to do now is to go to your internet browser, and login to your WordPress Dashboard; go to Appearance, and click on Menus. So first thing’s first, your menu is going to need to have a name. Normally I just name mine “Navigation” click on Create Menu, and there we go!

Now what we need to do is simply drag and drop the pages into the Navigation menu. So currently we don’t have any pages, so I’m going to go ahead and create some pages. So if I go to Pages and click on Add New, I’m going to open this up in a brand new tab, and I’m just going to pause this video and create some pages.

Okay so I went ahead and created a bunch of pages, and if I go back to the Menus here, and I Refresh the page; most of you are already going to have pages and you won’t have to worry about that. But in this example, as you can see, I created a bunch of pages that relates to kind of a classroom setting. So what I’m going to do is simply click on Select All; click on Add to Menu.

Now as you can see, you can drag and drop, but you can also move it to the right hand side. And if I move it to the right hand side, this basically is telling WordPress that – Online Test is the Parent Navigation Menu here, or Page; and then the Child Page is “Test A” and “Test B”. You can also move it over again if you want the “Test A” to be the Parent of “Test B” but if I click on this, Save Menu, and I Refresh the page here.

Another thing that you need to make sure that you do, under Theme Locations, is to choose that specific menu. Now certain themes are different, they can have different menus, like several menus so you could choose different menus and put them under here. but Menu 1 is going to be the Navigation Menu, so click on Save; and if I go back to the Live site here, you can see now that it’s About Us; Online Tests; we’ve got the two child pages underneath the Online Tests; and the Contact Us page.

So just to re-cap, we’ve got the pages, select the pages you want; add it to the menu; reorganize it and sort it to the way you want it to be; click on Save Menu; and make sure that it’s chosen under the Theme Locations.

Now one cool thing is you can also create custom links. So let’s say for example that I – let’s see, “software tests” – I can actually link it to a specific URL. So let’s say I want to go to; click on Add to Menu; and I’m going to put this here; click on Save Menu; and Refresh the page here; and if I click on Software Tests, it’ll actually go to that link.

So these are actually made up of both pages and custom links. And you can also add categories as well. If you ever want to change the name of this specific menu item, you can select the dropdown menu here and simply change the navigation label. Let’s say we want to say “About the Team” click on Save Menu; and if we go back to the Live site and Refresh it, it has changed from “About Us” to “About the Team”.

And another thing is, if you want your brand new pages to be added to your navigation menu; if you select this option here, every time you create a brand new page, it’ll add the page to this navigation menu. But if I were you, I would basically have it set like this, but I would re-organize it to the way that I want it to be organized. And of course last, when you’re done, click on Save Menu and that’s it!

Learn How to Create Navigation Menus and Sort Them In WordPress

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