How to Embed YouTube or Vimeo Videos in WordPress

How to Embed YouTube or Vimeo Videos in WordPress


How to Embed YouTube or Vimeo Videos in WordPress

In this specific video you’re going to learn how to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into your WordPress site post or pages.

Now keep in mind that this works with any other video hosting sites like MetaCafe, or anything that would give you some sort of HTML iFrame code that you can edit and add to WordPress post or pages.

So I’m at my WordPress Dashboard here, and if I click on let’s say a post, and click on Add New here. Let’s put this as Visual here, Visual tab; YouTube and Vimeo just so, we’re going to add both of these videos in the same post.

Now you cannot be in the Visual tab when you’re editing and adding the HTML code. You have to be in the Text tab; so if you click on Text here; this is YouTube and this is Vimeo. So I basically need to enter the YouTube embed code here, and the Vimeo code right underneath here.

Learn How to Embed YouTube or Vimeo Videos in WordPressSo at YouTube here, we’ve got the Lion King 3D Blooper Outtakes; and if you click on Share; and Embed; YouTube has the ability to enter an iFrame or use the old Embed code; both of them work. So if you select this (and of course you can Customize at YouTube before you actually embed the code), but you can customize the video size however you like it. And let’s say I’ll just do 640×360; I’m going to copy the code; simply paste it over here.

And with the Vimeo, let’s take a random video here. If you click on Share; click on Embed; with Vimeo it gives you some options as well, so click on Show Options. You can see here that you can change the color of the bar; you can change the size; you can auto-play this video; loop the video; show text link underneath the video, and so forth. You can also get the old embed code as well.

So let’s say for example, that I want to keep as the YouTube video, so I’m going to say 640×360; I’m going to get the Embed code here; select it; copy it; go back to my WordPress post; simply enter this embed code right underneath video of Vimeo. That’s it! So if I click on Visual here, we have the YouTube video here, and the Vimeo video here; and they’re both the same size. If I click on Publish here, click on View Post, and as we can see here that we have embedded the YouTube video, as well as the Vimeo video here. And it works! As you can see, it’s actually very, very easy to do. All you have to do is make sure that you find the videos first, get the embed code, and make sure that you enter it in the Text tab. And for some of you, if you’re using older versions of WordPress, the Text tab will actually be the HTML tab; it’s just that when they upgraded to Version 3.5, they changed the HTML tab to a Text tab. And there we go!

Learn How to Embed YouTube or Vimeo Videos in WordPress

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