How To Use Authority Sites To Increase Your SEO

How To Use Authority Sites To Increase Your SEO


How To Use Authority Sites To Increase Your SEO

In this specific video I’m going to show you how to effectively use authority sites to increase your search engine optimization.

Now this video is going to be quick and fast, however, I want to show you a powerful method that can help you a lot. So let’s go ahead and get started. So basically the way this method works is you setup a WordPress site, you write some content, and within that content itself you basically link to a high authority site.

Learn How To Use Authority Sites To Increase Your SEOFor example Wikipedia or a bigger site than that, but in this case we’re going to be using Wikipedia. Now when Google comes to your site, basically what they’re looking for is good content, and “is it credible content?” now if you’re linking to an authority site, like Wikipedia, a news channel, or some sort of science or some sort of credible education, or big site – then they’re going to put a little more weight on your content. They’re going to see your content as “okay this is good content.” but also, “this content is linking to a credible source.” You don’t necessarily get a lot of links to choose from this, but you get a few pluses in Google’s mind because you’re pointing and referencing credible sources.

I mean if you think about it, when somebody writes a paper and you think about when you had to write papers in high school & college, you always had to reference specific sites whenever you were writing a paper. And you read their content, and you referenced them. So very, very similar idea. So what I want you to do is simply go to; that in this example, we’re going to be running a content piece on how WordPress is helpful and this and that. So it’s going to talk about WordPress. So what I would prefer to do normally, is I would type the keyword in, and then I would type in something like Wikipedia. And then I would go to this link, I’d open it in a brand new window, and then I would put something like “news.” Matchable’s a fairly high authority site; let’s try something like “MSN News” okay so I didn’t really find anything in the news channels that would actually support my case. So I’m going to stick with Wikipedia and Matchable.

Now once you have found at least one credible authority site source, it’s time to create a post or page. If we go back to our WordPress Dashboard, and let’s say for example we go to Posts. Click on Add New, and create a new post. So I went ahead and paused this video and created a post that says:                    “How to Create a Website with WordPress”

“In this article I’m going to show you how to create a website using WordPress in 4 easy steps.”

Step 1: Install the site.

Step 2: Install the theme.

Step 3: Tweak your theme.

Step 4: etc., etc.

“According to Wikipedia, WordPress was founded in…….”


And what you can do is highlight the WordPress and link it, and put a link to that site – the WordPress site that we just got here, and click on Open Link in New Window. That way if somebody clicks on it, they will stay on your site. Click on Add Link, and we could put another credible source. And it says:

“WordPress 3.5 has arrived…”


Now I’m putting this here, but you could put this anywhere you want. And I just wanted to show you this as an example where you’re basically writing your content, but you’re linking to a credible source. Because of a lot of people who take advantage of Google, and Google is looking for people that are taking advantage of them, so if they see that “oh wow, you’re linking to a credible source, you must be a legitimate piece of content, or a legitimate site.”

So we could say something like: “WordPress 3.5 has arrived, and according to National…”

And you could put a link here, and link that link here, and that’s it.

So the whole point of this is to understand that you find printable authority sites like Wikipedia, news sites, news channels, radio places, or places with credible authoritative sites, and just link to them. And yeah, you might get people to go to that site, but that’s obviously why you want to make sure that whatever site that you link to has information that actually supports whatever your content or article is. And that’s it, of course click on Publish, click on your categories, and you’re good to go.

Learn How To Use Authority Sites To Increase Your SEO

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