How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your List

How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your List


How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your List

In this specific video I’m going to show you how to create Exit Popups to build your list.

Now first of all, I know you’re probably thinking, “What in the world are exit popups?” and you might be thinking, “Well, why would I want to use popups, because popups are annoying.” Yes and no. if you do it wrong, they’re going to be annoying. But if you do it right, it can actually yield really good results.

Learn How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your ListExit popups are very different because if done right, people will actually sign up on your list, and it can multiply your list or future income. So let me explain. When people leave your site without joining your email list on your main site, you need to give them another opportunity to do so. Otherwise when they leave, they leave. They either will never come back or they might come back, but that’s just usually quite rare. So exit popups are popups that show up when somebody leaves your site. Basically when you click the exit button, it’ll say something like “Wait we have another offer for you! if you would like to know about this other offer, click on Stay On the Page, otherwise click on Leave the Site.” So you have to give people a way to exit, but they are very powerful because if you think about it, if somebody’s really reluctant to sign up for your offer because the price is too high, they just don’t have enough money, and this and that. You can offer them either a discount or a trial, and have that last chance to remove their fear of taking action.

So basically you’re setting their mind at ease if you really know your audience. You have to know your audience so you can do this correctly. And if they join your list before they leave, you will still have a chance to communicate with them until they unsubscribe. So if they get on your list, you can email them over and over again, and sometimes it takes 7 to 12 times for them to actually take action, buy your product, buy your service and so forth.

Now let me show you how to install an exit popup onto your WordPress site. Okay, so what you need to do now is to login to your WordPress Dashboard and go under Plugins, and click on Add New. And do a search for Exit Popup, click on Search Plugins, and we’re going to be installing this specific plugin. Now these other plugins I found, don’t really work. So this plugin – we’re going to use, if you click on Install Now, click Okay, enter your FTP user name & password, click Proceed, click the Activate Plugin, and there we go. This is the plugin here; if you click on Site Exit Manager we can begin the process of editing our exit popup.

If you go under Settings here, you can add the URL here – so the URL needs to be a page where you’re either giving a discount, a trial or something. So I’m going to put here, and you can put whatever text you want, here. in fact, if you go to the Overview section here, it gives you an example that says “put any text you want to motivate your site visitor, here.” so you can say something like, “Wait Before You Go, I Have an Offer You Can’t Refuse, Grab This Product Today Only For $1.00 Trial for 7 Days, Click Stay On Page.” You can update the settings, you can use With Shortcodes Only or you can Globally do it throughout the site. And if you do it globally throughout the site, it’ll do it throughout all the posts and the pages.

Now if you want to do it on specific posts and pages, if you click on Overview, it’ll give you a shortcode here. If you copy the top text here, and let’s say for example, we’re going to go to a page. We’re going to click on Add New, all you have to do is copy the text here, put the URL where you want to redirect them, and this can go to a part of your page or to another page. So we can say something like “” we can say the same thing, “Wait! Want to give X product a try for only $1.00?” and if we do Publish here, and we’re going to View the page. And now if I click on the exit here, you’ll notice that it says, “Wait! Want to give X product a try…are you sure you want to leave this page?” so as you can see here, they have an opportunity to either leave the page or stay on this page. If they click on Stay On This Page, they are forwarded to the URL that we gave, which is, and there we go.

Learn How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your List

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