How To Use Integration Marketing to Build Your List

How To Use Integration Marketing to Build Your List


How To Use Integration Marketing to Build Your List

In this specific video we’re going to be discussing how to use integration marketing to build a list.

So first of all I want to talk about what integration marketing is. Integration marketing is basically leveraging other people’s time and marketing. Now there are two types of main lists, and I’m going to talk about the free list first.

Learn How To Use Integration Marketing to Build Your ListBasically the free list consists of you giving away to people, something free in exchange for their email address. So you can find people in your niche that are sellers, list owners, and so forth, who are giving away stuff for free and they have a list. And you give them your free bonus to their list in exchange for their email address. So integration marketing is basically you’re integrated or you have offer that is located within somebody else’s sales funnel, their list funnel, their autoresponder, and so forth. So you’re basically giving other people a bonus.

So let’s say for example, you have a seller or a list owner, and Person A comes in, signs up on their list, downloads a free bonus, and then they’re offer on the download page is your free bonus. That would be integration marketing.

So it’s a win-win situation for the list owner because their people sign up on their list, and then they realize “oh wait, there’s another free bonus that’s related to the same freebie bonus.” So the visitor or the subscriber’s going to be really excited about it.

Customer lists, you can also build your customer base list using integration marketing, it’s very easy to do, a similar concept. You basically find people in your niche that are sellers, you let them give their paying customers access to your product. So in other words, somebody buys a product, and then they go download the product. As they’re downloading the product, on that same page, they see your offer, and your offer relates to that product. That even though you’re giving it away for free, you’re building a customer list, because people have taken the initial step to give money to that seller. You may not be getting any money, but you are getting that customer on your list, who you can sell to later down the road. So with integration marketing, people know they’re signing up on your list, but it’s highly targeted because somebody either signs up on a list or they pay to be getting access to a specific product. And then they see your product on the gateway page.

So how does this work? Basically in order for this to work, you need what we call a gateway page. It’s kind of like the gateway between their product pages, which has the link of the product that goes to your gateway page with an opt-in code, and when somebody fills in their email and their name, they get added to your list. So that what a gateway page is, it basically just connects their product page to your list, and then they can download your freebie and then you’ve got yourself a nice targeted list.

So what do you need to make this work? You need to have a private page on your site with the offer. So kind of like a squeeze page, you need to have a picture of your product, and some sort of opt in code right below that information. The opt-in code or webform on that site, basically links to your download page. The page can either be WordPress or your own website, but I’m going to show you how to do this using WordPress and an autoresponder.

Alright so if I login to my WordPress Dashboard here, what I need to do now is create two pages. So go under pages, click on Add New, and this page is going to be the initial page that contains the web subscription form that they can fill out. So we’re going to just call this bonus landing page. And you’ll want to say something to include the product title, the product description, and then right below that, we want to put this in Caps “WEBFORM” then you can put the product image and call to action. And right below that, you want to put the webform, and we can center align this, I’m going to click on Publish.

And then the secondary page that we need to create – I’m going to click on Add New here is going to be the Download Page. So we’re going to call this “Bonus Download Page” and this download is going to contain the download links to your free report, your free video, or anything like that. So just put this on this page, and if you want to add media, you can simply click on Add Media here or enter the link here.

Now keep in mind we don’t want these pages to be public, so I’m going to click on Private, click on Okay. That way it doesn’t show up, and I want to do the same thing with my other page. So click on Private, click on Okay, click Update, and now what I can do is I can actually view both of these pages.

So as you can see here, this is our private bonus landing page, and we got the download page. So what we need to do now is create a webform that basically links this page, to this specific page. Because what you’re going to do is, you’re going to give whoever it is, this specific page. And from their customer download page, or their freebie download page, people are going to see your product and they’re going to go to this page.

So what we need to do now is we just need to create an autoresponder campaign. So if you go to Aweber, just create a list and start creating a campaign. If you go under messages, what I’d recommend that you do is, for the download page, you want to make sure that your first initial message has that specific link. So if we start from scratch here, I’m going to enter a new plain text message and as you can see here, you can enter in HTML message, plain text message, or HTML that you paste in. I’m going to check New Plain Text Message, I’m going to enter the subject line and the email body. “Download Your Free Report on ________” and just include a customized “Hey Everyone, this is so-and-so, and you can download your free report down below!” and just enter the link here – that goes to your download page, click on Next, click Save & Exit.

And after you have created your message, what you can do now is simply create a webform. So go to Webforms, we’re going to create a New Webform. You can go through the process of just tweaking the template and what it looks like. And what I would normally do just to keep it simple, since this is a download page, I’m going to say the header is “Download Your Free Report” we can make it center aligned, click on Save. I don’t want these, so we can actually X these out, and I think I just want the email, I don’t want anything else. Just keep it simple. I’m going to click Save Webform, and once you’ve customized the design and the look, you can go onto step number two.

And at this point you can name the form, and depending on what you’re set up as with Aweber, sometimes you’re set up with double confirmed options, which means that somebody has to actually confirm their email address before they can get to the download page. And if that’s the case, then I’m going to keep the Thank You Page as the basic version. So you can actually set the thank you page to a custom URL, but I don’t want to redirect them there yet, until they actually confirm. Otherwise they’re not going to confirm and get the free report. So click Save Webform, we’re going to go to step number three.

Okay so after that you need to get the code. I don’t recommend the Java Script code when you’re dealing with WordPress, I recommend the HTML version. So you need to select this, copy it – we need to go to the page that says “Bonus Landing Page” not the download page, and what we need to do is put the code here. Now you can’t do that if you’re looking at it with the Visual tab here, you need to click on the Text tab, and where you see Webform, just highlight this and copy the code here. Click on Update, we’re going to View the page, and there we go. So we can see that you’ve included the product title, the product image – which you can do yourself, product description, call to action, and they can enter their email.

So when they enter their email now, it’s going to redirect them to the Bonus Download Page, and that’s it! Now what you do is, you just provide people with this specific link so that they can add it to their customer base Download Page, or Freebie Bonus Download Page. Now you have successfully created a gateway page that you can begin using for integration marketing.

Now the next step is to find people that have related products to you, not competitors, but people that compliment your product and give it to them, and that’s it!

Learn How To Use Integration Marketing to Build Your List

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