How To Use WordPress Widgets Effectively

How To Use WordPress Widgets Effectively

How To Use WordPress Widgets Effectively

In this specific video, we’re going to be discussing how you can use WordPress widgets effectively

So what do you need to do now, is simply to login to your WordPress Dashboard, and to access Widgets, if you go under Appearance and click on Widgets, you’ll see the widgets drag and drop system. I love widgets simply because it enables you to easily control the sidebar, or any other type of widgetized area. So let’s say for example that I look at the main site here.

When you look at a website that is run by WordPress, there are certain areas in terms of a theme. And the way a theme is created, there are certain areas that are widgetized, which basically means you can add widgets to that specific area. Now normally by default, a WordPress theme, the sidebar is widgetized. So if I were to add widgets over here, for example Pages, a Calendar, Search Box, and so forth – and I refresh the page, you can see that the search box is here, and the widgetized area is right here.

How To Use WordPress Widgets Effectively

Now for this specific theme, we can see that only the sidebar is widgetized. If you’re using a specific theme where the footer and other areas of the page are widgetized, then that gives you the ability to really control information, content, and data on those pieces of that specific site. So it really depends on which theme and what it’s layout looks like.

Now as you saw earlier, putting widgets into the sidebar is actually very, very easy to do. It’s simply a drag and drop system. So all you have to do is simply find what you want, and simply click on it with your mouse and drag and drop it over here.

Now widgets are very easy to edit in terms of settings. As you can see here, the Calendar – the only thing with the calendar you can change is the title. With certain widgets, you can actually edit the settings. For example Pages here, you can sort by page title, page order, or page ID. You can also exclude certain pages.

So depending on the widget, each widget is very different and gives you the ability to simply edit the settings. So you need to have an idea of what your layout is going to look like. If you know how your WordPress site layout is going to look like, then you can easily put widgets in certain widgetized areas. So that’s really how to use widgets, and as you can see, it’s very, very easy to use. It’s a simply process of planning ahead of time, and knowing where to put them.

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