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How To Write an Autoresponder Email Series that Converts

How To Write an Autoresponder Email Series that Converts


How To Write an Autoresponder Email Series that Converts

So let’s talk about writing an autoresponder email series that converts.

First of all, you need to figure out what are you promoting, and then you need to figure out what is the call to action or the end action that you want your readers to talk. Do you want them to purchase your product or service, or just another person’s product or service, or fill out a form. What do you want them to do?

Learn How To Write an Autoresponder Email Series that ConvertsIf you have that in mind, then you can start the process of creating your emails. Now before we talk about the email itself, I want you to get to understand that your emails need to connect to each other. And they need to contain a way that Email 1 can connect to Email 2, and Email 2 connects to Email 3. This is not about just writing a bunch of emails and putting them in order. You have to find a way to basically connect them. So link your emails. If you link your emails, think about it, to ensure conversions are high; you want to make sure that Email 1 at the very end, reminds readers that Email 2 is coming. And then Email 2, when somebody’s reading it, needs to remind readers that Email 3 is coming and when it will be coming. If you tell people in advance when it will be coming, then they will expect your email. And when they expect your email, your conversions actually are higher, because they’re waiting to receive your content, your advice or whatever you’re providing them. And they must be related topic wise, and create a chain. Otherwise if they are not related, you’ve just bunched a bunch of emails together, then you can expect your conversions to drop.

Now let’s talk about the email. The email itself needs to contain the following, so we have email subject line, and I’m going to walk you through step-by-step here. The email subject line is basically what people see first. So when the autoresponder sends them an email, that’s what they’re going to see. So you see a bunch of emails in your inbox, the email subject line is what grabs them, so it really has to be catchy. You have to do it in a certain way to grab their attention and get them to click, because unfortunately not everybody is going to click the email. So this is kind of like the front door to your email.

Once they click, they’re going to see the email body. Basically the content where you say, “Hi” or “Dear so-and-so…..” and enter your content. You can enter downloadable files, you can put your content directly in there, you can put links to your videos and so forth. So your email body is going to contain your actual content. And let’s say for example, it’s a free list. If somebody signs up for a freebie, and you put them into your autoresponder’s system, then you want to make sure that you give them the freebie, and if you have it linked to Email 2, say “Okay Email 2 is coming and I have another valuable tip or advice, or video that I’m going to give you in two days!” so make sure that you announce what is coming next. You don’t have to give the full detail, just give some detail to make sure that they’re curious, and tell them “Hey it’s going to come in 2days!” that way they can expect to receive it. If they’re not expecting it, a lot of times what that is, is disruption marketing. And disruption marketing does not always work because somebody is not expecting it. So make sure that you tell them in advance, and after that you can say your call to action. You can swap the call to action in this here, but this needs to come in order. So you can have the call to action before that in this here, but this basically just tells them “Hey be on my list because something else is about to be sent to you that’s of value.” And then you have the call to action. Make sure that you include what you want them to do, make sure that the call to action actually has something to do with the email body.

So let’s say for example that you’re email, or your product is about puppy training. If your email subject line says, “How to Stop Your Puppy From Pooping on Your Rug” or something, they click on it – you have to talk about how to stop the puppy from pooping on a rug in your email body. And then the call to action says, “Watch These Videos” or “Buy This Product that talks more about puppy training.” You can say something like, “I hope you enjoyed this email, and in the next email that you will be receiving 2 days from now, I will be talking about how you can prevent your puppy from chewing up your TV cables.” And then you can say something like, “If you would like more puppy training advice, buy my ebook here!” so it’s simple – email subject line headline, email body pushes them down, announce what’s coming next and get them to take some action!

If you follow these rules and you connect all your emails together as one big chain link, then your conversions are going to be a lot higher.

Learn How To Write an Autoresponder Email Series that Converts

How To Building a List by Piggybacking on Product Launches

How To Building a List by Piggybacking on Product Launches


How To Building a List by Piggybacking on Product Launches

In this specific video I’m going to show you how to build a list by piggybacking on somebody else’s launch or traffic. And this is a great method to generate commissions, and a nice customer base list, fast.

Now everything is perfectly legal here, and it’ll all make sense in just a minute.

Launch traffic – whenever somebody launches a product in any niche, they generally get a lot of people promoting for them called Affiliates. And affiliates are promoting these products that are being launched, and they basically get a commission. Now if they have an Affiliate Program, then you’ll want to become an affiliate of that product. Basically you’ll be promoting that product in exchange for a commission; however there is a method where you can actually gain not only a commission, but you can offer a bonus in exchange, if somebody buys through your affiliate link.

Now what I’m going to do is show you some methods that will separate you from everybody else. Now as all of these affiliates are trying to promote this product, I’m going to show you some methods that will allow you to stand out, and will allow you to get more people to buy through your affiliate link simply because of whatever bonus that you’re providing.

This is what I call the Double X Method, and it’s fairly simple. Basically the rule of thumb is this – whatever the product is worth, double what your bonus is worth. So if the product is worth $90.00, then you’ll want to create a bonus that is worth $200.00, this way if somebody buys the product through your link, they get double the value, and will likely get the product through your link. Now you need to make sure that the bonus that you’re offering is a bonus that is related to whatever product that is, or it compliments it. You can’t have a puppy training product, and offer a cat training bonus. If you do a puppy training product, you could offer a puppy training bonus that compliments that specific product. So you want to make sure that you’ve looked at the product carefully, and see what kind of products could possibly compliment it.

Now the Medium X Method – if the product is a report, offer a report bonus that is double its worth. If the product is a video, then offer double the value in videos, and use the same medium because people will expect that.

Learn How To Building a List by Piggybacking on Product LaunchesThis is what I call the Training X Method, products have loopholes and they need additional training and coaching. What you can do is you can simply review the product, and see what kind of loopholes or missing spots that it has. And simply create additional training after reviewing the product, and offer it as a bonus. And if you can apply the Training X Method with the Double X Method, and the Medium X Method, then you have a super winner.

Now let’s talk about putting yourself in front of the traffic, and building your list. You can do a quick video review of the actual product. Don’t be like everybody else, and don’t’ show the product sales page and that’s it. Do a review of the product, buy the product, and do a review on the product. Then after that, you can show your Double X + Medium X + Training X Methods, put them together and produce your bonus. Upload your video to YouTube, optimize your titles, your descriptions, and your tags.

And start by building links – backlinks and more, to that video using sites like, and this is a very, very powerful method that you can start using today to build your list. You can also make sure that in order for people to grab the bonus, they need to purchase through your link and email you. Now if the product is on JVZoo or ClickBank, you can use automated systems to deliver the bonus, otherwise this has to be done manually, and you’ll have to add people to your list manually. Regardless, this is worth it, and you are building a paid list of people who will buy over, and over again. And that’s the key here, it’s not about building freebie lists, it’s about building a paid list. So you can sell to them in the future, and you can grow your list, you can get more commissions, but this is a super, super fast way of driving traffic and building your list. I have yet to see anyone else teach it using the Double X Method and the Medium X Method, and they both work very, very well if you do it right. So take everything I taught you, and put it into action, and build your list!

Learn How To Building a List by Piggybacking on Product Launches

How to Create Squeeze Pages for WordPress Websites

How to Create Squeeze Pages for WordPress Websites


How to Create Squeeze Pages for WordPress Websites

In this specific video we’re going to be talking about creating quick and easy squeeze pages on your site.

If you don’t already know, squeeze pages are basically pages that describe your product, or describe some sort of gift or freebie, and somebody has the ability to fill in Learn How to Create Squeeze Pages for WordPress Websitestheir name and their email address to get what you’re offering. So squeeze pages are great in terms of building your list, and I’m going to show you how to create a squeeze page from scratch.

In order to do this, you need the following: a title or the headline of your squeeze page, the benefits of your product or service, or whatever you’re giving away for free, you’re description of your product or service, or whatever you’re giving away for free, and an autoresponder webform that needs to be at the bottom or on the side, and this basically needs to link to your Thank You Page. So that’s it, let me show you how to create it.

Okay so what you need to do now is go to your WordPress Dashboard as you can see here, and we’re going to create a new page, click on Add New. And under Templates, you can change the template from the default template, to the front page template, or a full width page template.

Now if you think about it, with a squeeze page if you want to put your opt-in form right in the middle at the bottom, you probably want to choose Full Width Page Template with No Sidebar. However, if you want to put the opt-in form on the sidebar, then you’ll want to choose the Default Template.

In this example, I’m going to be using the sidebar, and what we’re going to do here is enter the title. You want to put a title, the headline, that’ll capture somebody’s interest. You want to have the description, and you want to have the benefits in bullet points. So if we click on Visual, we can make bullet points, and right below that or above that, you can put an image. So click on Add Media. I’m going to locate some files here. Let’s say for example that my squeeze page is about time management, so I’m going to use this guy with this clock on it. I’m going to go ahead and Insert Into Page.

Now the image is quite large and I want to decrease the size of it, so let’s say 70%, we’re going to Center Align that and Update. Now it’s still kind of big, but I’m going to increase the size of the font here, and what we can do here is we can Center Align this. We’ll highlight this and change it to dark red. We’ll have your description here that talks about your product, you have your benefits here, and then we have an image.

Now if we click on Publish, we can edit the opt-in code. So you’re going to need to get your webform, and basically your webform is going to appear on the sidebar. And when somebody fills out the information, you need to direct them to another page. So will need to create another page that includes whatever you’re offering them, whether it’s a free report or anything like that. So if we go here, and you can go through Aweber, you can go through GetResponse or anything like that, create a Plain Text Message, and then create a webform. You can create a new webform here, and the good thing about Aweber is you can actually see for yourself, what it looks like.

So depending on what your site looks like, you can change the color. So let’s say for example that I’m going to leave it like this, I’m going to go to Step #2 and I’m going to fill these details in, and click on Go To Step #3, and get the Raw HTML Version. We’re going to highlight this, and we’re going to copy this, and now what I want to do is go to the Sidebar Widget.

Now if I view this page, I want the sidebar web code form to appear right here. To do that, all I need to do is go to Appearance Widgets, and simply drag and drop the Text Widget here. Copy the code over, click Save, and we’ll Refresh the page. And there you go! There’s our squeeze page.

Now this was the manual way of creating squeeze pages. If you want to create really fancy squeeze pages, there is a piece of software called Squeeze Ninja which is really good. It makes really awesome squeeze pages, and not only that, it allows you to track your statistics and more! So that’s one site that I would recommend you check you if you don’t want to do it manually. But if you to do it manually, this is the process of doing it.

Learn How to Create Squeeze Pages for WordPress Websites

How to Add the Autoresponder To The Sidebar Part 2

How to Add the Autoresponder To The Sidebar Part 2


How to Add the Autoresponder To The Sidebar Part 2

In this specific video I’m going to show you how to add the autoresponder web code that we got in the previous video, onto to the sidebar or page.

Okay so I’m at and remember we left off where we have created the webform, and now we can grab the code and add it to our WordPress site. Now, I don’t recommend using Java script because I’ve found some WordPress sites actually have problems with Java script, so I tend to use the Raw HTML Version. And if I select this, and I copy it, and we’re going to copy it over to WordPress. And what you want to do is login to your WordPress Dashboard here, and first I’m going to show you how to add it to a page.

Learn How to Add the Autoresponder To The Sidebar Part 2To add it to a page, it’s very easy. If you go under Pages, click on Add New. And we’re just going to say something like “Free Report Download Your Free Report Below” and I’m going to click on Text. And basically right below this headline here, below this text, I’m going to paste the HTML code. Now if I click on Publish and I View that specific page, I can see the “Free Report Download Your Free Report Here by Entering Your Email.” Now we can Center Align this stuff, and bold it, we’re going to maybe change the color to blue. Center Align it, we’ll make it let’s say change it to Heading Two, we’ll decrease the whitespace, click on Update. And I’m going to go back over here, and Refresh the page, and there we go.

So you can add some pictures up here, you can add some more headlines so they know exactly what they’re going to get. Now that you’ve seen how to add it to a page, I’m going to show you how to add it to a sidebar.

So under Appearance, you’re going to see Widgets. So if you click on Widgets here, basically you need to figure out which widget sidebar, and where you want it to be located. So we want it to be on the Main Sidebar, and you’re going to see a Text Widget right here. So drag and drop it over here, and basically you’re going to enter the text here, click on Save. And if we go back to the live site and Refresh the page, you can see it here.

Now if you add a title, let’s say for example, “Grab Your Free Report on Puppy Training.” Click on Save, we’re going to Refresh the page, and there we go. So I can actually remove this by removing the page, but as you can see, no matter what page I go to, this sidebar remains. And as somebody’s going through your content on your site, they have the opportunity to actually subscribe to your list, and that’s it!

Learn How to Add the Autoresponder To The Sidebar Part 2

How To Use Integration Marketing to Build Your List

How To Use Integration Marketing to Build Your List


How To Use Integration Marketing to Build Your List

In this specific video we’re going to be discussing how to use integration marketing to build a list.

So first of all I want to talk about what integration marketing is. Integration marketing is basically leveraging other people’s time and marketing. Now there are two types of main lists, and I’m going to talk about the free list first.

Learn How To Use Integration Marketing to Build Your ListBasically the free list consists of you giving away to people, something free in exchange for their email address. So you can find people in your niche that are sellers, list owners, and so forth, who are giving away stuff for free and they have a list. And you give them your free bonus to their list in exchange for their email address. So integration marketing is basically you’re integrated or you have offer that is located within somebody else’s sales funnel, their list funnel, their autoresponder, and so forth. So you’re basically giving other people a bonus.

So let’s say for example, you have a seller or a list owner, and Person A comes in, signs up on their list, downloads a free bonus, and then they’re offer on the download page is your free bonus. That would be integration marketing.

So it’s a win-win situation for the list owner because their people sign up on their list, and then they realize “oh wait, there’s another free bonus that’s related to the same freebie bonus.” So the visitor or the subscriber’s going to be really excited about it.

Customer lists, you can also build your customer base list using integration marketing, it’s very easy to do, a similar concept. You basically find people in your niche that are sellers, you let them give their paying customers access to your product. So in other words, somebody buys a product, and then they go download the product. As they’re downloading the product, on that same page, they see your offer, and your offer relates to that product. That even though you’re giving it away for free, you’re building a customer list, because people have taken the initial step to give money to that seller. You may not be getting any money, but you are getting that customer on your list, who you can sell to later down the road. So with integration marketing, people know they’re signing up on your list, but it’s highly targeted because somebody either signs up on a list or they pay to be getting access to a specific product. And then they see your product on the gateway page.

So how does this work? Basically in order for this to work, you need what we call a gateway page. It’s kind of like the gateway between their product pages, which has the link of the product that goes to your gateway page with an opt-in code, and when somebody fills in their email and their name, they get added to your list. So that what a gateway page is, it basically just connects their product page to your list, and then they can download your freebie and then you’ve got yourself a nice targeted list.

So what do you need to make this work? You need to have a private page on your site with the offer. So kind of like a squeeze page, you need to have a picture of your product, and some sort of opt in code right below that information. The opt-in code or webform on that site, basically links to your download page. The page can either be WordPress or your own website, but I’m going to show you how to do this using WordPress and an autoresponder.

Alright so if I login to my WordPress Dashboard here, what I need to do now is create two pages. So go under pages, click on Add New, and this page is going to be the initial page that contains the web subscription form that they can fill out. So we’re going to just call this bonus landing page. And you’ll want to say something to include the product title, the product description, and then right below that, we want to put this in Caps “WEBFORM” then you can put the product image and call to action. And right below that, you want to put the webform, and we can center align this, I’m going to click on Publish.

And then the secondary page that we need to create – I’m going to click on Add New here is going to be the Download Page. So we’re going to call this “Bonus Download Page” and this download is going to contain the download links to your free report, your free video, or anything like that. So just put this on this page, and if you want to add media, you can simply click on Add Media here or enter the link here.

Now keep in mind we don’t want these pages to be public, so I’m going to click on Private, click on Okay. That way it doesn’t show up, and I want to do the same thing with my other page. So click on Private, click on Okay, click Update, and now what I can do is I can actually view both of these pages.

So as you can see here, this is our private bonus landing page, and we got the download page. So what we need to do now is create a webform that basically links this page, to this specific page. Because what you’re going to do is, you’re going to give whoever it is, this specific page. And from their customer download page, or their freebie download page, people are going to see your product and they’re going to go to this page.

So what we need to do now is we just need to create an autoresponder campaign. So if you go to Aweber, just create a list and start creating a campaign. If you go under messages, what I’d recommend that you do is, for the download page, you want to make sure that your first initial message has that specific link. So if we start from scratch here, I’m going to enter a new plain text message and as you can see here, you can enter in HTML message, plain text message, or HTML that you paste in. I’m going to check New Plain Text Message, I’m going to enter the subject line and the email body. “Download Your Free Report on ________” and just include a customized “Hey Everyone, this is so-and-so, and you can download your free report down below!” and just enter the link here – that goes to your download page, click on Next, click Save & Exit.

And after you have created your message, what you can do now is simply create a webform. So go to Webforms, we’re going to create a New Webform. You can go through the process of just tweaking the template and what it looks like. And what I would normally do just to keep it simple, since this is a download page, I’m going to say the header is “Download Your Free Report” we can make it center aligned, click on Save. I don’t want these, so we can actually X these out, and I think I just want the email, I don’t want anything else. Just keep it simple. I’m going to click Save Webform, and once you’ve customized the design and the look, you can go onto step number two.

And at this point you can name the form, and depending on what you’re set up as with Aweber, sometimes you’re set up with double confirmed options, which means that somebody has to actually confirm their email address before they can get to the download page. And if that’s the case, then I’m going to keep the Thank You Page as the basic version. So you can actually set the thank you page to a custom URL, but I don’t want to redirect them there yet, until they actually confirm. Otherwise they’re not going to confirm and get the free report. So click Save Webform, we’re going to go to step number three.

Okay so after that you need to get the code. I don’t recommend the Java Script code when you’re dealing with WordPress, I recommend the HTML version. So you need to select this, copy it – we need to go to the page that says “Bonus Landing Page” not the download page, and what we need to do is put the code here. Now you can’t do that if you’re looking at it with the Visual tab here, you need to click on the Text tab, and where you see Webform, just highlight this and copy the code here. Click on Update, we’re going to View the page, and there we go. So we can see that you’ve included the product title, the product image – which you can do yourself, product description, call to action, and they can enter their email.

So when they enter their email now, it’s going to redirect them to the Bonus Download Page, and that’s it! Now what you do is, you just provide people with this specific link so that they can add it to their customer base Download Page, or Freebie Bonus Download Page. Now you have successfully created a gateway page that you can begin using for integration marketing.

Now the next step is to find people that have related products to you, not competitors, but people that compliment your product and give it to them, and that’s it!

Learn How To Use Integration Marketing to Build Your List

How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your List

How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your List


How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your List

In this specific video I’m going to show you how to create Exit Popups to build your list.

Now first of all, I know you’re probably thinking, “What in the world are exit popups?” and you might be thinking, “Well, why would I want to use popups, because popups are annoying.” Yes and no. if you do it wrong, they’re going to be annoying. But if you do it right, it can actually yield really good results.

Learn How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your ListExit popups are very different because if done right, people will actually sign up on your list, and it can multiply your list or future income. So let me explain. When people leave your site without joining your email list on your main site, you need to give them another opportunity to do so. Otherwise when they leave, they leave. They either will never come back or they might come back, but that’s just usually quite rare. So exit popups are popups that show up when somebody leaves your site. Basically when you click the exit button, it’ll say something like “Wait we have another offer for you! if you would like to know about this other offer, click on Stay On the Page, otherwise click on Leave the Site.” So you have to give people a way to exit, but they are very powerful because if you think about it, if somebody’s really reluctant to sign up for your offer because the price is too high, they just don’t have enough money, and this and that. You can offer them either a discount or a trial, and have that last chance to remove their fear of taking action.

So basically you’re setting their mind at ease if you really know your audience. You have to know your audience so you can do this correctly. And if they join your list before they leave, you will still have a chance to communicate with them until they unsubscribe. So if they get on your list, you can email them over and over again, and sometimes it takes 7 to 12 times for them to actually take action, buy your product, buy your service and so forth.

Now let me show you how to install an exit popup onto your WordPress site. Okay, so what you need to do now is to login to your WordPress Dashboard and go under Plugins, and click on Add New. And do a search for Exit Popup, click on Search Plugins, and we’re going to be installing this specific plugin. Now these other plugins I found, don’t really work. So this plugin – we’re going to use, if you click on Install Now, click Okay, enter your FTP user name & password, click Proceed, click the Activate Plugin, and there we go. This is the plugin here; if you click on Site Exit Manager we can begin the process of editing our exit popup.

If you go under Settings here, you can add the URL here – so the URL needs to be a page where you’re either giving a discount, a trial or something. So I’m going to put here, and you can put whatever text you want, here. in fact, if you go to the Overview section here, it gives you an example that says “put any text you want to motivate your site visitor, here.” so you can say something like, “Wait Before You Go, I Have an Offer You Can’t Refuse, Grab This Product Today Only For $1.00 Trial for 7 Days, Click Stay On Page.” You can update the settings, you can use With Shortcodes Only or you can Globally do it throughout the site. And if you do it globally throughout the site, it’ll do it throughout all the posts and the pages.

Now if you want to do it on specific posts and pages, if you click on Overview, it’ll give you a shortcode here. If you copy the top text here, and let’s say for example, we’re going to go to a page. We’re going to click on Add New, all you have to do is copy the text here, put the URL where you want to redirect them, and this can go to a part of your page or to another page. So we can say something like “” we can say the same thing, “Wait! Want to give X product a try for only $1.00?” and if we do Publish here, and we’re going to View the page. And now if I click on the exit here, you’ll notice that it says, “Wait! Want to give X product a try…are you sure you want to leave this page?” so as you can see here, they have an opportunity to either leave the page or stay on this page. If they click on Stay On This Page, they are forwarded to the URL that we gave, which is, and there we go.

Learn How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your List

How to Create Raving Fans On Your Email List

How to Create Raving Fans On Your Email List


How to Create Raving Fans On Your Email List

In this specific video I’m going to show you how to create raving fans that will buy from you instead of just subscribers.

Learn How to Create Raving Fans On Your Email ListNow in this case, when I talk about subscribers, I’m just talking about people that are on your list. And what our goal here is to create a list of people that absolutely love your emails. So whenever you send an email, they see that it’s from you, they’re going to click it, they’re going to take some time to actually read it. So let’s go ahead and get started!

First things first, you need to position yourself. Your subscribers will be attracted to you depending on how you position yourself or introduce yourself. So when they subscribe onto your list, you need to position yourself right then and there.

And what I mean by that is this. Are you there to help them? Or are you there just to sell to them? And even though helping people sounds really good, you can still help them through what you sell them. Now what I’ve found is, being on the extreme end of giving away free stuff all the time, or selling all the time, should be avoided. If you give people free stuff all the time, you’ve conditioned them to receive free stuff from you. And you’ve positioned yourself as somebody who gives away free stuff! Now if you sell to them all the time, then they’re going to think, “How are you helping me?” you know, but as long as the products that you are selling relate to possibly helping them, that might be good as well. But in terms of creating raving fans, you need a balance. So that’s why I call it The Balance Formula.

What I’ve found over the years is this, there needs to be a balance between the two, a balance between education versus promotions. So in other words, you need to educate them, but you also need to sell. So in this case we’ve got a balance of both worlds. For example, the first half of the week or whatever half that you choose, you can help educate your list on a certain topic that can help them. And then on the second half of the week, you could promote a product that is related. And what I’ve found that works really, really well is discounts and scarcity. So if you teach them about a subject matter, and you just teach them, that’s it – then that’s kind of to the extreme. Or if you just sell them about a certain topic and that’s it, then that’s a little to the other extreme as well. But you also want to make sure between the balancing of the education and the selling, that whatever they signed up for, you’re only emailing them about that. So if they sign up for puppy training, you could eventually probably sell them about elderly dogs, but that has to be later down the road, and you have to be careful about that. Because somebody who wants puppy training is probably not interested in elderly dog training, so you want to make sure that you balance it, but keep on target.

Now let’s talk about discounts and scarcity. What works even more is if you teach them a subject matter, and you promote something that is related but you take it one step further, and you find somebody with a related product. You approach them, you say “Hey I’ve got this list, it converts really well in terms of this product, and I just taught them about this subject matter, and your product relates to it.” what I’ve found is, you approach these sellers and you work out a deal, even if it’s 50% 40% or 30% – just ask 30% for 48 hours. If you constantly do this on a consistent basis, even if it’s once a month, I’ve found that this works like crazy because people feel like, “wow I’m learning something that’s useful, but how can I apply it?” “how can I get something related to it?” so they’re already thinking about that, and if you use this method and specific strategy, then you will do very well in terms of converting your list into raving fans and into buyers. And it definitely takes a little more time on your part, but it’s definitely well worth it.

And another thing to do is be consistent as well about the time that you email them. So if you’re used to emailing them at 9:30am Eastern Time, then you want to make sure that you email them consistently from that point on, at 9:30am Eastern Time. And I’ve found that helps a lot because people are waiting to receive an email at that time. And of course people around the world, if you’re dealing with people around the world, that could be a different case for them, but with the autoresponders that you use, like GetResponse and things like that, you can also set it in a way that it’ll be sent during their time zone and so forth. But consistency is important, conditioning your list is important, so whatever you do, make sure that you’re consistent, and that’s it!

Learn How to Create Raving Fans On Your Email List

How to Start Your Autoresponder Campaign Part 1

How to Start Your Autoresponder Campaign Part 1


How to Start Your Autoresponder Campaign Part 1

In this specific video I’m going to show you how to build an autoresponder and get the web code, so you can be on your way to adding the subscription form in the next video to your website, and begin to build your list of email subscribers.

So let’s go ahead and get started! Now in this example, I’m going to be using – you can use any other autoresponder that you want, but I find Aweber and GetResponse to be the easiest in terms of setup. Now, when you login to Aweber, the first thing that you will need to do is of course, to create a list. At the very top you’ll see Create & Manage List, so go ahead and click on that. And then at this page, if you scroll all the way to the right, at the very top you’re going to see a green button that says Create A New List, so simply click on Create A New List. And with Aweber, it’s going to automatically name your list at the very top here, so you can basically just enter your customized list name here. So we’ll just leave it like it is, but you can customize it if you want to do that. You can also enter the list description, and that’s just for you, when you refer back to it so you know exactly what the list is all about. And then Your Name, of course your name, and then Your Address would be your email address. And once you’re done with that, if you scroll further down, you can see Notifications.

Learn How to Start Your Autoresponder Campaign Part 1You can receive an email every time a new subscriber is added to your list, so just put your name and email here, if you want to – if you don’t want notifications, don’t enter your name and email. After that simply click on Save Settings, and if you scroll back to the top you can personalize your list here. Simply enter your company name, your website URL, and your email signature. Basically every time that you’re emails go out, the company branding will be added to the very end. So if you want to customize that later on, then you can just leave this blank. And right below that you have Social Media Sharing, so you can actually integrate with Twitter and Facebook whenever you do your broadcasts. But in this case, we’re going to leave it as it is, click on Confirm Opt-In; and just to explain to you what “confirm to opt-in” is all about, basically what that means is when somebody subscribes to your list for your free report or free gift, they actually have to go back to their email address, and Aweber is going to send them an email, and they actually have to click that they want to actually receive the gift from you. So it’s basically an added layer of protection for you, just basically saying “do you really want this gift, or is this email somebody else’s email?”

Now you will probably decrease the amount of subscribers that you have if you have Confirmed Opt-In, however what I’ve found is that it actually increases your conversion rates because people actually have to go through a few more steps, but they really want to have your gift. So this is the confirmation message – you can customize the subject, the intro, and so forth. Then at the very bottom you see the Success Page, or Confirmation Success Page URL. Basically this is a page where after they confirm their email, they’re going to be forwarded to this specific URL. So this could be your Thank You URL, and so forth.

Okay so after you’ve done this, go under Messages, and click on Follow Up. This is basically the section where you can begin to setup your follow up messages. So if we click on New Plain Text Message, and we click on this drop down menu here, you can see that you can have HTML messages, you can choose from a bunch of templates, you can enter a plain text message or paste in HTML if you know how to do that. In this case, we’re going to click on New Plain Text Message, and then you can enter your subject line here, and the email body.

Now whenever you enter your subject line, you need to make sure that it’s related to whatever action that they just took. So if they just signed up for your free report, you might want to say something like “Download Your Free Report Here!” so they know exactly what it is, because they know they subscribed to get a free report, so they’re waiting for a free report in their email. So you want to make sure that you connect the dots from call to action, they take the action, and now they’re waiting for the free report. So do something that’s related to that, and then enter – in the body of course, the free report. You can click Next when you’re done, and Aweber also provides you with Click Tracking, we’re going to click on Save & Exit.

And there we go! Now as you can see, this is the first message that will be sent when somebody subscribes to your list. You can also test it by simply clicking on Test, and you can also copy this message as well, so if you have similarities that you want to just copy this over and edit it, you can also do that.

Now I want to click on this, to show you this if you want to create a Secondary Follow Up message. I’m going to create a secondary message, so the second message says “Have you gotten your free report?” and enter the free report again, we’ll click on Next, now you’ll notice that there’s something different about this page. Whenever you create a secondary follow up message, an additional one after the first one, you will notice that the settings that enables you to send a second message after a certain amount of days after the previous, up to 999 days. Now obviously you don’t want to do that, so what we’re going to do is, we’ll say that 2 days after the previous, that’s when they’re going to get this email here. So it’s kind of like a follow up reminder to show them that “hey did you get the free report?”

Now Aweber has this neat feature, if you turn this on, you can actually set it to send only during certain days and times. So if you want it only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – and not during the weekends, you can actually do that! But in this case, we’re going to leave it off, we’re going to click on Save & Exit, and there we go!

So we’ve created a first message and a secondary message. The first message is sent out immediately after they confirm their email, the second message is sent out 2 days after they receive this email, and so forth, and so forth. So you can begin to add more text messages and email messages from that point.

And under the Subscriber section, this is actually where you can search for specific contacts for a certain list, and things like that. Under Webforms, is where you would actually create the subscription form. So if we click on Webforms, this is basically where you would create your webforms, and you can create as many as you want for every single one of these campaigns. So if you wanted to create two different webforms and test them out, and see which one works the best, you can actually do that. So you can actually split-test your webforms.

So if we click on Create A New Webform, this is really, really easy to use, and I’m going to walk you through it step-by-step. So as you can see here, we have a webform that is automatically created, but as you can see here, it’s very customizable. You can increase the width, you can also remove certain pieces of it, so we got the header where you can actually add a little blurb. We’ve got the name, we’ve got the email, we’ve got your privacy link, we have the footer, and more of the footer here. You can also change the template design, and you’ve got a lot of different little templates here.

Now you’re going to see these links at the very top here. These actually control what it looks like under here. So let’s say for example, I do not want a header, if I click on that, it turns from grey to white. That means I haven’t pressed this, so if I press this, the headline appears. So if I remove this, and I remove this, as you can see, it’s starting to disappear. And let’s say for example that I only want their email address, I don’t want anything else but their email address, and depending on your WordPress site, it can be really wide, it can be really short and so forth. So think I’m going to leave it like this, and click on Save Webform, and we’re going to go to step number two, which is the basic settings. And you can name the form name anything you want. You can Enable Facebook Registration Forms if you want to, and then for a Thank You Page you can either use the audio version, smart version, or your custom page url. This is basically when somebody fills in their name and information they’re going to be sent to your Thank You Page.

Now this is good for Single Opt-In, if you’re doing Confirm Opt-In you might want to do the basic version that shows them, “Hey you need to go back to your email address, and confirm this link.” The Already Subscribed Page is for people who are already subscribed to your list, and this can sometimes help, especially if they have subscribed, but they haven’t yet gotten the emails, so they can do it again. So you can say “Custom Page,” and link them directly to the Thank You Page. Click on “Go to Step Three” when you’re done, and you can install the form.

Now when you install the form on a WordPress site, majority of times with certain widgets, you’re going to need to have the basic HTML code. So Aweber gives you the Java script code here, and they give you the raw HTML version. Now if you’re going to upload it to a regular HTML based site, you can use Java script and HTML, so it really depends on your situation, but this is basically the code which we’re going to add in the next video, to your site.

Learn How to Start Your Autoresponder Campaign Part 1

How to Create Free Gifts Fast to Build Your List

How to Create Free Gifts Fast to Build Your List


How to Create Free Gifts Fast to Build Your List

In this specific video I’m going to show you how to create valuable free gifts fast, so that you can use them to build your list.

Learn How to Create Free Gifts Fast to Build Your ListNow what I want you to understand here is, you need to get in the right mindset. The mindset is – do not reinvent the wheel. Whenever I show people how to create gifts to use to build their list, a lot of people get scared. They think they have to invest a whole days’ worth to create new content, but what I tell them is that they probably already have the content in hand. And they really don’t have to reinvent the wheel or create new content, and so forth. So I want to help you, and I want make it so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating your own content.

Now let’s leverage the content that you’ve already created, and I know that you’re probably thinking, “what content have I already created?” well if you think about it, if you run a business, whatever business you run, most likely you have client email conversations. Now I’m not saying just simply copy the email conversation and turn that into a free report or free video and so forth, I mean find client email conversations that you’ve done, you’ve had with clients, and you’ve basically written this content before. You take this content, you can rewrite it, just remove their name, their contact information for privacy. You can rewrite the content, but you have the content there. Most likely a client has asked you a question, and you have given an answer. And the same clients or potential clients, and potential prospects who are on your site, they want something that is related to your service. So if you’ve already had email conversations with previous clients, then that’s what you can use! You can leverage your own content by taking what you’ve already created.

Then what you can do is you can take the written content, you can turn them into audios, you can find a voiceover artist and hire them, and just have them read your content. You can turn them into audios, you can turn them into videos, and you can basically leverage other people’s time to create your free gift. You can turn it into a free report and free ebook, and so forth. So now you can see that this is a great way of creating content, fast.

Now what I want to do now is talk about other ways that you can create content. You can outsource content creation as well. Now this may not work as well if your market is very, very specialized and very technical, and requires a lot of expertise for somebody to create content. But this can work really well if the content that the content that you’re trying to create is on a more basic level, somebody can do some research on it, find the information and create a product or some sort of gift. So you can hire somebody to do research or take what you’ve already written, and simply rewrite it. Like I said earlier, hire a voiceover artist, take your written content and read it, and turn it into an audio podcast. You can even have a conversation with your clients and/or a colleague, where you can simply take that and turn it into audio or video, and give it away for free. Or you can buy what we call Private Label Rights Content. Private label rights content is content that is created by somebody else, and what you’re doing here is you’re leveraging other people’s hard work by buying private label rights to do it, putting your name on it, but you want to make sure that before you put your name on it – to make sure that you tweak the content or hire somebody else to do it.

Now what I want to do is show you where you can outsource this type of content creation. There are two sites that I use and would recommend, and Okay so let me explain in a little more detail here. So you can take the emails that you have written your clients, however, make sure that you rewrite them because if you – let’s say you contact your client. If you wrote the email, and it’s too personalized to that client, you want to make sure that you tweak it, because there are some privacy laws that you want to adhere to. But if the client has written you, make sure that you have permission from them before you use their content. Now obviously I’m not a lawyer, so you want to make sure that you seek legal counsel before you do anything, but as long as you wrote the content originally, and you can rewrite that content, you should be okay.

Now if you take the content you’ve written, just find somebody on to simply rewrite it or you can find somebody on to rewrite it. And I use a lot too, it’s a place where you can find people that will do certain things for five dollars. So you can do voiceover creations and find “voiceover” click Rating to rank people from the highest rated to the bottom. What I would normally do is I would go here, take the content I’ve created, contact the person first, and don’t buy the gig first. Contact the person first, from that point, see how many gigs – a gig is basically worth five dollars, how many gigs you’ll need to purchase in order to complete the creation of whatever you’re trying to do. whether it’s rewriting your content, whether it’s getting a professional voiceover artist to read your content, and what you can do is, you can take that and find people on here that will take your voiceover and possibly your content and turn it into a power point slide, and connect it, and create your own video. And what you can do there is simply give that gift to people and there you go!

As you can see, creating content is not hard. It’s a matter of finding stuff you’ve already created and turning them into different mediums and formats.

Learn How to Create Free Gifts Fast to Build Your List

Why You Should Build a List and Different Ways to Do So

Why You Should Build a List and Different Ways to Do So


Why You Should Build a List and Different Ways to Do So

So let’s talk about why you must build an email list, and different ways of doing so.

To start off I want to give you two different scenarios. What I want you to do is imagine this: imagine that you’re visitors come to your site, they enjoy what you have to offer, your content, your videos, your articles, and so forth. But then they have to leave, then eventually they forget about you. They have no way of getting back to your site, some of them will think “well, what was that site that I went to last week?” they just don’t remember how to get back to your site! So what you did marketing wise to get them there is all lost. Whether you invested money into paid ads to get them there, you have no way to communicate with them.

Now imagine this: your visitor comes to your site, and they see that you’re offering a free report or something of value, in exchange for their email address. They likeWhy You Should Build a List and Different Ways to Do So what they see, they like your site, they like your content, and they like your videos, so they end up signing onto your email list. Now you have a way to communicate with them, you can put them onto your autoresponder system, you can begin to send them daily or weekly tips, and you have a way to warm them up so eventually they will either buy your stuff or buy affiliate products that you promote. And that is why you need to have an email list, so that you can communicate with your visitors who actually see value in your stuff that you are providing.

Now let me talk about the types of lists, and ways to build them. There are two main types of lists. The first list type is a free list. Usually this consists of giveaways, something for free. Something of value, something normally that people are willing to pay for, but they’re getting it for free. Either you can give them a free report, a free ebook, a free newsletter, free audio, free video, free webinar and so forth. But just think of something of value. It has to be something of value that they would actually want.

Now this type of list tends to require a little bit more warming up, meaning that they sign up onto your list and you have to warm them up, get to know them better, but through your autoresponder. And you can do everything automated through your autoresponder system. Now they may not trust you as quickly as they would with the other list type, but they are open, they’ve already taken the initial step to sign up on your list, but they just need a little more convincing. And you can use free lists to give people free reports. Let’s say for example that you’re selling a product. You give somebody something of value for free, they like what they see, and they want more. So maybe every other day you give them something else for free, but those free items link back to what you were selling. So it’s not about just giving people free stuff, it’s about giving something of value for free – away, in exchange for the email so that you can communicate with them, and eventually, get them to buy your products or services.

Then of course we have the customer base list. A customer based list is a list filled with people who bought from you. This is more ideal, and tends to convert higher because they’ve invested money into you, time into you, and they trust you.

So you can have the free list, eventually people from the free list buy the product, and they get added to your customer based list. Now let me talk about what you need to build a list.

Obviously you need to have an autoresponder service. This type of service is used to create subscription forms so you can put these subscription forms on your WordPress site, so that people can sign up onto your list. And it also can be used to email your subscribers. There are many different ways to use an autoresponder service, and I’ll give you a quick run through next.

So let me go ahead and show you some autoresponder services, and give you a quick run through so you know what to expect. Okay so I’m over in my internet browser here, and there are three different autoresponder services that I would recommend that you use if you’re just getting started.

One of them is, and if you don’t know where to start, they’re very, very easy to use. They have a lot of helpful information on getting started. And another site is called, and I’ve been using Aweber for a while, and it’s very, very useful. And other sites – there’s, and there are many, many other sites, but I would say these two would be the highest in my book.

Now if I were to compare GetResponse between Aweber, I would say GetResponse probably has a lot more features in terms of their pricing and everything like that. Like their pricing, compared to Aweber, and Aweber’s features, in my opinion, I like GetResponse better. But whether you go with Aweber or GetResponse, that’s up to you, just make sure that you do your due diligence first, and do some research on both sites, and then go with the one you want to go with.

Now I’ve logged into my Aweber account because I have accounts on Aweber and GetResponse, but I think it’s just easier to show you here. Aweber and GetResponse both – any autoresponder you use, most of them have this type of feature – you can either send a follow up message, or a broadcast. Follow up messages are basically when somebody signs up onto your email list, and let’s say for example that you can set the intervals so that they receive a message immediately after they have filled in their email address. And then you can set it where either a day after, two days after, and so forth – they’ll basically receive a series of messages, and all of this is automated so you don’t have to be at your computer clicking on an email this and that, it’ll be automated once you have set everything up.

There is a second type of messaging system called broadcasting. Broadcasting basically – if you create a message with broadcasting, what that does is – you can email the whole list on that specific day. So let’s say for example that you have a special offer for your product or service, or you’re promoting somebody else’s product, and then you can use the broadcasting feature to tell everybody “Hey! You can get a discount today or within the next 24 hours.” So those are the two different types of emails that you can use. And everything else is simply a matter of setting up your list, creating webforms and viewing your reports, and so forth. And that’s it!

Learn Why You Should Build a List and Different Ways to Do So