Manually Install WordPress For Better WordPress Security

Manually Install WordPress For Better WordPress Security

Manually Install WordPress For Better WordPress Security

It’s best to consider security from the very start of your site build. Installing WordPress manually instead of using one of the quick install programs often found on host helps you harden your sites security from the very beginning.

To manually install WordPress you will begin by creating a database in your host cpanel or you’re PHP myadmin.

When you use a quick install program that create the database for you it uses wrdp to name the database.  This is a well-known default so it is important to use a unique name for your database as extra security.

Then you will download the files from wordPress.orgSecurity Tips For WordPress

Next you will unzip the WordPress file and find the wp-config-sample.php file and open it in the text editor of your choice.

First enter the information for your database. Then you will create unique authentication keys using the link provided.  You’ll copy these keys and paste them into your file.

Lastly you want to create a unique table prefix for your database tables much like database names the default WP_prefix for tables is well known and makes it easier for hackers to break into your site.

Now save this file as wp-config.php and then you are ready to FTP your files to your server.

Once you have uploaded your files you can go to your domain name forward slash wp-admin.  Here you will create your username and password.

Remember you do not want to use admin as your username.

Better WordPress Security

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