Upgrade Your Logos – Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos

Upgrade Your Logos – Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos


Upgrade Your Logos – Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos

In this specific video, I’m going to show you how to get your logo created if you don’t have one, or if you have one, and you want to redesign it and upgrade it.

I’m also going to show you how to go about doing that as well. And I’m also going to show you how to get it cheap, yet retain the quality of your logo, and when I say cheap, I’m not talking about 100-200 dollars. I’m talking about anywhere from $5-$25 for a super high quality logo.

Okay Step 1 – go to google.com and type in your niche or your topic, and then logo. So let’s say for example, in this example, I am a company that deals with accounting. So, “accounting logo,” so type that in, click on Images, and just see, kind of glimpse of all the logos that deal with accounting. And you don’t have to really look at every single one of these, but what I want you to do is just scan through it, and kind of see what they look like, give you some ideas here. And as you’re going through it, just pick out stuff that you really, really like that stands out to you. And also get a glimpse of the colors that are being used, like I see a lot of greens and a lot of dark blues. And let’s say that I like this one, I’m going to open that in a new tab, maybe this one, and I like the arrows. It kind of emphasizes some sort of numbers that are moving up. Okay so now that I’ve gotten my three that I know that I like, I got this one, this one, and this one. And this one’s using blue, this one’s using orange and black, and this one is using green and grey.

Now let’s talk about the color meanings, you’ll notice that I’ve been looking for certain colors in a specific niche. Colors mean a lot, and colors can really express a lot about your brand, because if somebody looks at a specific color, they’re going to suddenly feel a certain thing. So if we go back here to google, and we type in “logo color meanings” and if you click on this here. This gives you an idea of what the colors actually mean. So we see a lot of blues, a lot of oranges, and a lot of greens. Blues’ corporate; high tech; let’s see here we got oranges which youthful; dynamic; creative; enthusiastic; and educational green and so forth.

So you want to figure out, okay there’s three different logos that you like; the colors that you want to use. And then once you have those in hand, then what you need to do is you need to find a graphic designer. I recommend Fiverr.com, so simply go to Fiverr.com, okay so now that we’re at Fiverr.com – in the search box here, simply type in “logo.” Click on Rating here so that way we have the best rated at the very top, and I want to simply just look at these like, if I like the logos that are created, I’m going to open this up. Now you got to read it because not all of these are logos. So “logo concepts” let’s see…and some people don’t actually create the logos from scratch. They use graphics from sites, so you want to make sure that you check with the graphic designer whether they create it from scratch or not. You want somebody who can actually design a logo from scratch. And what I want you to do is open at least six to ten different sellers, because we’re going to go through them and figure out which is the best person.

Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos - Upgrade Your LogosOkay so, taking a look at this person’s designs, not too bad, 14 days – I’m not going to wait that long so I’m going to close that out. This says five days here, that’s a lot better, and 100% gig rating, that’s really good. And another way to tell if the graphic designer is actually doing what they’re saying, is if you look at all of their design and see some sort of similarity…like this person does a really, really good job in fact. But you can see the logos look very similar to each other, and it’s five days, so I’m going to leave this as is, no negative reviews, that’s good. This person, 25 days – no I’m not going to wait that long, two days – these logos are okay, not too, not too up to date. It’s okay to be picky, because you have to be picky. Because you’re creating a logo that’s going to brand you for the life of your company. Okay so I’ve narrowed it down to two people. this person, and….I guess, okay this is the only persons’ that left, okay, and he’s really good, he or she is really good. Five days – “I will design five professional logo concepts” wow okay. So this person will design five different concepts, meaning five different types of logos for your specific company. So then you can choose from five different designs, and make sure you read this description here, “100% refund if not satisfied” that’s good, wow, so this person pretty much has 100% ratings, five days, and so forth. And really, really good designs. So with Fiverr.com, if you don’t have an account, go ahead and create an account.

They only accept paypal, but as you can see, it’s only $5.00 so create an account, order it, it’s only $5.00 and sometimes they’ll options, but this person doesn’t have any options. And looks like really good reviews, so what you need to do is basically order from this seller or any other seller that you choose. And basically, make sure that if you are creating a brand new logo, then say “hey I like this logo, I like this logo, and I like this logo.” And the way you get access to these images, is if you click “Full Size Image” here, you simply just copy this URL into your Fiverr account. So that way when you’re communicating with a graphic designer, you can tell them, “hey I like these three logos, and I like this design, and I want these specific colors.” You can give them a better idea of what you’re looking for, and that’s the thing with graphic designers, is they’re very creative minded. So while you need to give them freedom to do what they can do, give them flexibility to be creative, you still want to give them some guidelines. The worst thing that you can do is say, “hey create me a logo.” And just don’t really give them an idea. So you want to give them some sort of framework to go by, and give them some freedom as well, and you’re probably going to get a good logo.

Now if they don’t make the perfect logo, you can always ask them to redo it or tweak it, you know, here and there, but five bucks is really not bad at all. And it’s worth the wait, five days. Or another thing you can do is, if you’re in your rush, what I normally do is I email them and I say, “hey, I need this within two days. I can’t wait five days. If I pay you two gigs…” if I buy two gigs which is basically ten dollars, “or three gigs, can you do it in two days?” so that’s it, and if you’re redesigning your logo, basically same thing applies. Give them your logo, but give them also the three different logos that you like and say, “here’s my logo, I want to transform this logo into something that looks similar to these logos over here.” and that’s it!

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