WordPress RSS Part 2 Syndicating Your Feed

WordPress RSS Part 2 Syndicating Your Feed


WordPress RSS Part 2 Syndicating Your Feed

Hello and welcome to RSS Part 2, in this specific video I’m going to show you how to syndicate your RSS Feed using FeedBurner.

FeedBurner is now owned by google.com, so it’s very, very easy to use. All you’re going to need is to have a google account. So let’s go ahead and get started! Okay so first thing’s first, we’re going to need to have the Feed link, because we’re going to need this later. This is where my Feed is “yourdomain.com/Feed” and if you have not found it yet, you’ll need to find that because we’re going to syndicate that Feed.

Learn WordPress RSS Part 2 Syndicating Your FeedNow what you need to do is simply go to google FeedBurner, so type that in. you can go to google.com if you want to do that, it’s at feedburner.google.com. Simply login using your google information, and syndicating a Feed is actually very, very easy to do. All you need to do is simply enter the Feed right here, click on Next, give the Feed a name. So let’s say for example we’re going to call it WordPress Training, click on Next, and there we go!

So now we have Feed and other people can subscribe to your Feed. And if we go to the Feed, you can see the content. For example, post one, post two, post three; and we’ve got three posts at our site. And if you basically take this Feed here, and you can submit it to RSS syndicating websites that will syndicate your RSS Feed and also can help, because they can give you more back links to your site with RSS Feeds.

Now before I show you how to submit your RSS Feed to RSS submission sites, let’s go through this process. If we click on Next here, FeedBurner just basically gives you the ability to get more statistics. So you can select these if you want to, click on Next, and there we go!

Now let’s click on Analyze. The neat thing about Feedburner.com is it allows you to track the statistics as you can see here, simply from this Dashboard here. Now we don’t see the statistics right now, simply because it’s new and we haven’t actually gotten much traffic to it. If we click on Optimize, this basically gives you the ability to add some more features, make it look nicer and things like that. And publicizing your Feed basically allows you to get more exposure and more subscribers.

Now there are sites out there that allow you to just basically take your RSS Feed and submit it to them, called RSS Submission Sites, there are many, many out there. One in particular is called Feedage.com, and if you click on Submit Feed, you can simply enter your user name and password, and submit your Feed.

And from here on out basically all you need to do is start submitting your Feeds to RSS Feed Submission Sites. You can either do it yourself, or you can outsource this process. In fact, one of my favorite sites to go to is Fiverr.com, simply enter RSS Submission, pay somebody five bucks to do it for you, and it says here…click on Rating here. And we’re basically going to rate the top rated people at the top, and go from there. So it says here…social bookmarking, RSS Feeds. We’re looking primarily for something related to RSS Submission. I’m going to re-word this as “Submit RSS” okay it says, “I will add your site to…” okay I don’t want to do that. “RSS Submission…I will submit your RSS Feed to over a 175 sites and directories.” And whoever you use to Submit, make sure they have good ratings beforehand. “I will submit your RSS Feed…” okay, “I will do RSS Submission of your blog…” “Submitted to RSS…” okay so let’s look at these people here.

It says “I will submit your RSS Feed; three days; 99%; 1000 positive reviews” and just go through and look at the reviews, make sure that you do your due diligence before you buy from any of these people. And if all looks good, you can purchase, and it’s only $5.00, I mean it’s either that or you can do it yourself, and submit it one, by one, by one. But if you can find somebody who does a manual process, I’d rather have 20 high ranking, done manually, then somebody actually doing it automatically and doing like, a thousand. So if you ever see anybody who says, “Okay I’ll submit your Feed to a thousand sites” yeah they might do that. They might use a piece of software to do that, but I would recommend finding somebody who can do it manually. So that’s it! Remember Part 1 – get your Feed, Part 2 – use FeedBurner to burn it and get the Feed that basically you can have your subscribers subscribe to. And Step 3 – Submit your RSS Feed to as many RSS Submission Sites that you can to get more exposure.

Learn WordPress RSS Part 2 Syndicating Your Feed

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